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and to assert the reality of God, the Self, the not-self, the Divine, the Infinite, Brahman, the Nagual, that which has no name, the thing you cannot know unless It comes to you. That’s it. The only purpose. You perceive according to the depth of your inner penetration into the unknown.

The images above represent human beings who are grappling consciously with the mystery of existence in whatever form the universe presents to them. They, you, and I are all rowing in the same sea. Our personal work comes with an insight from Sri Aurobindo: “When all has been explained, still nothing will be known.” Believe what you will; all the windings eventually make their way back to two questions: who are you? and what do you want from life? Or you can simply ask how did you get to this page? A firm footing with these questions goes a long way.

“Awake! Awake! O sleeping soul! Come to me, your Lord. Why do you slumber when I am here, ready to play the dance of eternal life with you? Wake up, O sluggish mind! Awake, O stony heart! Come to me, the Divine Beloved. I will make you experience the meaning of bliss!” –The Complete Life of Krishna by Vanamali

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How do you know I exist?

Only when I show myself.
The mystery of you is not in your story.

The One Truth in Different Words

“The Self is the dearest of all things, and only through the Self is anything else dear. The Self is the origin of all finite happiness, but it is itself pure bliss, transcending definition. It remains unaffected by deeds, good or bad. It is beyond feeling and beyond knowledge, but it is not beyond the meditation of the sage.” –The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

“Only when we cross the border into a larger luminous consciousness and self-aware substance where divine Truth is a native and not a stranger, will there be revealed to us the Master of our existence in the imperishable integral truth of his being and his powers and his workings. Only there, too, will his works in us assume the flawless movement of his unfailing supramental purpose.” –Sri Aurobindo

“Meditate, love, dance, sing, celebrate here with me, and the ugliness will disappear. Bring something higher into yourself, and the lower will be forgotten.” –Osho

“Whenever you possibly can, sustain the flow of a sacred Name. To repeat His name is to be in His presence. If you associate with the Supreme Friend, He will reveal His true being to you.” –Sri Anandamayi Ma

“We only know pleasure and pain and we do not know what love is. Therefore, to understand what love is, we must be free from pleasure and pain.” –Krishnamurti

The nearer you come to God, the less you are disposed to questioning and reasoning. When you actually attain Him, when you behold Him as the reality, then all noise, all disputations, come to an end.” –Sri Ramakrishna

Drunk with the joy of singing, I forget myself and call thee friend who art my lord.–Rabindranath Tagore

“It seems as though but a brief experience of this Joy would be worth any effort and any amount of suffering that could be packed into a lifetime that might prove necessary for its realization.” –Franklin Merrell-Wolff

“What is attempting to be born, I believe, . . . is a new humanity, one that is in direct and unmediated contact with the Divine, free of divisiveness, body hatred, and bias toward transcendence that disfigures all the inherited patriarchal religions, and so is able at last to inhabit time, the body and the earth with ecstatic consciousness and a passionate and radical sense of responsibility toward all living things.” –Andrew Harvey

“From the eternal stillness of source, you create each successive moment of existence, as it was, as it is, and as it will be. All joys, all sorrows, all opportunities, and all limitations roll forth into creation from this stillness here and now. Understanding that you are the convergent point of every reality is true perspective.” –Harry Palmer

“The mystery of knowing is the mystery of existence.” –John Lentz

Quick Start Guide and Glossary

The primary activity of this website is listening to the episodes listed in the menus. They are the numbered entries. They are approximately thirty minutes long; a new one shows up once a week or so. There are also guided meditations that propel listeners deeper into their invisible rooms.

In addition to the podcast audios, I have created two portrait galleries of men and women who have risen out of the mass consciousness and are providing light for those ready to tread the path of spiritual awakening. These people by no means constitute a complete representation of awake human beings, and not all of then are incarnate in the world. The darshan pages offer site visitors an opportunity for a deeper experience of a few of these great souls.

What follows below are items of thought that show up regularly in the audios. Not to be intimidated. Sit back and listen. The experience has nothing to do with understanding terms or philosophies.

Absolute reality undefined;

Awakening realizing the truth of how things are

Awareness the original undefined thing; knowing before knowing something

Brahman a term from Vedanta referring to the undefined totality viewpoint

Buddhas of Pure Existence the original inquiry by the most ancient of beings, “Who am I?”

Consciousness awareness aware of something

Deep mystery consciousness touching the unknown, what can never be revealed

Divine self-existence; not created; presence of God

Enlightenment reality revealed; psychic knowing of absolute truth; indefinable

Invisible room podcast name for the absolute spirit at the core of every human life

Krishna incarnation of God (Vishnu); foundation of much of Indian spirituality; a core presence in this podcast

Lotus-born Brahma term used here to refer to the creation point, where divine intent goes into motion through the creation of forms

Psyche soul; individual piece of existence with a history of incarnations and accumulation of knowledge and wisdom; link to the intent of the divine

Quantum cosmos the spiritual realms traversed by psyches liberated from human existence

Reality the field of pure knowing; spirit; the touching of which by consciousness makes things real

Self “I” by itself, eternal and infinite; or I am with things-to-be-and-do wrapped around it; eternal and infinite

Shores of the unknown where consciousness touches the deep mysteries of existence

Spirit undefined reality; the core condition of human existence; the piece of God in everybody

Tao term from Lao Tzu’s Tao de Ching; refers to life unopposed; grace

Veils the unknown that separates one’s personal experience from reality, truth, God; the elements of creation on many dimensions; the universe of form; how things exist in defined realms through divine application of veils

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