01 Names and Places


The two parts of this episode were recorded a week apart. There is some overlap in the content, but together they are a marvelous introduction to the depth and wonder of the invisible room. When coming into the invisible room for the first time, one is overwhelmed by the inadequacy of language to indicate its reality. Words fail and yet they are useful if infused with the spirit energy within the room. We come into this room and leave our personal lives at the door in order to have a real experience of our divine source and center unclouded by the fears, doubts, and the uncertainties of personal living. When we realize that the invisible room is our own source of guidance for choices made and goodness recognized and beauty seen and felt, the value of having that direct experience becomes deeply understood. How we choose to name this inner reality depends upon how we respond to our experience of it. On the website, there is a list of often used designations for spirit, God, the higher self, etc. The experience of the invisible room (as I refer to it in this podcast), of course, brings no names to bear. Only the mind seeks to give it a name, for it is the mind that seeks to define the world and keep us bound into the indoctrinations that have left human consciousness so constricted that happy, prosperous and evolutionary lives are almost impossible to live.

Michael Garfield’s Music

What follows below are items of thought that show up regularly in the audios. Not to be intimidated. Sit back and listen. The experience has nothing to do with understanding terms or philosophies.

Absolute reality undefined;

Awakening realizing the truth of how things are

Awareness the original undefined thing; knowing before knowing something

Brahman a term from Vedanta referring to the undefined totality viewpoint

Buddhas of Pure Existence the original inquiry by the most ancient of beings, “Who am I?”

Consciousness awareness aware of something

Deep mystery consciousness touching the unknown, what can never be revealed

Divine self-existence; not created; presence of God

Enlightenment reality revealed; psychic knowing of absolute truth; indefinable

Invisible room podcast name for the absolute spirit at the core of every human life

Krishna incarnation of God (Vishnu); foundation of much of Indian spirituality; a core presence in this podcast

Lotus-born Brahma term used here to refer to the creation point, where divine intent goes into motion through the creation of forms

Psyche soul; individual piece of existence with a history of incarnations and accumulation of knowledge and wisdom; link to the intent of the divine

Quantum cosmos the spiritual realms traversed by psyches liberated from human existence

Reality the field of pure knowing; spirit; the touching of which by consciousness makes things real

Self “I” by itself, eternal and infinite; or I am with things-to-be-and-do wrapped around it; eternal and infinite

Shores of the unknown where consciousness touches the deep mysteries of existence

Spirit undefined reality; the core condition of human existence; the piece of God in everybody

Tao term from Lao Tzu’s Tao de Ching; refers to life unopposed; grace

Veils the unknown that separates one’s personal experience from reality, truth, God; the elements of creation on many dimensions; the universe of form; how things exist in defined realms through divine application of veils



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