03 Quo Vadis Domine


Whether asked from within the invisible room or asked when one is out in the world, the question, “Quo vadis? Where are you going?”, should stop one in one’s tracks. It only takes a few small steps outside the matrix of scientific, social, and religious indoctrinations to know that our true self, the self that self-exists and knows no boundaries, can choose what life it wants to live. What moves the will of an awake person? All human beings can step out of that haze of confusion and fear and take up the bounty of an awakened life. Only when one is awake, can one make choices free of the intimidating influence of a deluded collective consciousness. Where are you going? Ask that question as a being who is astonished to exist in such a marvelous universe and ready to explore the unknown.

Michael Garfield’s Music


  1. Bravo John.
    Brava John.
    The invitation is pure…
    The delivery gentle…
    The Love pervasive…palpable
    The time, Now.
    Looking forward to the journey with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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