Keys for Travel into the Deep Mystery


High vibration invocation of the mysteries of pure existence, the secret of secrets inside the invisible room; these keys open doors in the psyche so that deep knowledge can flow. What you don’t know remains what you don’t know, and yet . . . (3X)

In the deepest folds of the absolute spirit, something infinitely tender lives the one real life. Hidden beneath the veils of all living beings, it travels the cosmos as the mystery of existence. Living love is the heart of a quantum traveler. The energy that moves it is ecstatic self-knowing.

Human beings know nothing of the quantum cosmos, for human love is bound to the confusions of time. They know nothing of the conditions that make love real, of how the world receives its shape and the human heart its longing. Human love lives and dies in the veils. It surrenders itself to spirit when living love awakes.

As living love fills the invisible room, godseeds tremble with germination desire. They long to awaken and walk in the world, to live eternal life in mortal form. In the silent mystery of eternal self-knowing, feel that desire! Live in its love! Burn in its beauty!


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