08 The Quantum Traveler


Once one has become familiar with the conditions of the invisible room, the question arises what to do? Will my personal life expand, become more fulfilling? Yes, it will, but not necessarily in terms the mind would feel satisfied with. Being has its own fulfillment, which does not depend upon the conditions of one’s personal life.

Once one has become familiar with the self-existent condition and can distinguish it from the mind’s interpretation of reality, one begins preparation for traveling in the quantum cosmos. The quantum cosmos is the multi-dimensional matrix of passageways through which awakened beings travel, with or without a human body, onto other planes of existence. The divine source and center is the traveler. From the viewpoint of the quantum traveler within the invisible room, the world is one’s creation. One is its source. This point of view is different from the viewpoint of the personal self, which exists inside the creation as a being that feels itself separate from it. This situation is called being lost.

This episode begins the final preparations for the quantum journey to take place in “Ep. 09 Light the Way!” It initiates the first two of the three Activation Keys, which open a backdoor from one’s personal divine self and center into the higher planes. They act like tumblers in a lock. Higher consciousness recognizes the statements as indicators of readiness. A recording of the “Activation Keys for the Quantum Traveler” is available through the menu to the left.

Michael Garfield’s Music


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