An Invitation to Wake Up


You have just entered the invisible room, the place that doesn’t exist. Come in! Shed the burdens of your personal life. Wake up to the grand drama of existence, the eternal story of life divine!

Inside the invisible room, we bear witness to the absolute spirit moving into every dimension of its creation, universe by universe, world by world, living creature by living creature.

Surf with us on waves of the unknown on our way to the grand awakening of all that is.

Cry out to the universe, “I want to know! 

Past, present, and future–I want to know!”

From deep within the invisible room, we call forth living love flame, the heart of the quantum traveler. We meditate with the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown. We bathe in the original light out of which the world is born.

Feel the deepening silence.

Unfold one more petal on the flower of life.

Know who you are beyond the stars.





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