12 The Reality of the Quantum Cosmos: A Traveler’s Guide (advanced)


When the cacophony of the world becomes too much, we shut the door and take refuge in the treasures of the mind. We open our imaginations and inquire into the possibilities of making a great life, of returning to the cacophony armed with grand strategies for making our way in the world. When these plans inevitably fail, when sadness and despair refuse to yield, and when love loses the power of transcendence, we challenge the validity of the mind to take on the world and provide clear passage into understanding and fulfillment. Eventually, longings deep in the heart turn us inward for a meditative journey out of the illusions of our life stories. When we sit in meditation, we discover the silence of consciousness, alive to itself, unsullied by the cacophony of the world and the grand deceptions that imprison all those who are afraid to challenge its assumptions and inquire deeply into the world story they have so blindly engaged over a  lifetime.

Then a miracle happens deep within the silence on the other side of consciousness; something stirs out of the unknown and claims our attention.  We feel it, we recognize it, we know what it is. The subtlest threads of silence, upon examination, reveal themselves to be an infinitely vast cosmos of multi-dimensional passageways through which real beings, beings who wear the mantle of the self-existing glory, whose hearts are the living love flame, and whose will to be emerges out of the ancient buddhas on the shores of the unknown, travel in rapturous recognition that they exist. This is the quantum cosmos beckoning us back home to the all that is.

Those souls who have awakened and found themselves lost, cold, and alone in the wilderness of earthplanet plane can now find their way back to the ancient land, where grand quantum beings of the many planes of existence travel on their way home to the farther shore. These beings are the real beings; their story is the one real story. Travelers of the quantum cosmos are in search of the grandest of grandest conditions of existence, riding waves of the unknown higher and higher into the deepest uncertainty any knowing being can face. Listen to these words. Hear the call. Look up and know the truth. Turn around and begin your journey, the one real journey, the journey that never ends.

Michael Garfield’s Bandcamp Page

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