20 What Is the World?


We have taken it for granted that the world is what we have learned in school, and at home, and in churches and temples, and in the backrooms where we plotted schemes to achieve, win the day and overcome the fear that binds us to the rules of the powers that be when all around and inside and beyond the thinking mind spirit eternally is. Who or what keeps us bound into the view of the world that is destroying us? Is self-destruction part of the divine plan, and do we even believe in a divine plan at times other than when we need solace from something horrible that has happened to us?

In this episode, listeners have a chance to assess their thinking about spirit, to realize that spirit is not in our thoughts or theologies. It is existence itself. And what to do with that? Tread the path of a soul asserting one’s virtues over one’s vices; or going the way of spirit with the inner lion lying down with the lambs and allowing the divine to enter through absolute acceptance of all that is?

Michael Garfield’s Music


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