26 One God Walking


What to do when it touches you? What to think? When everything you know collapses in the light of a presence that you will never be able to explain or ever deny. Not a time for petitioning for the betterment of your personal existence. My God! My personal existence! Then it retreats only to come back and see if its silence and your chattering mind can get along. And pretty soon when it arrives, you can only think beatific thoughts about life, existence, love, death and the grand design that you are a part of.

Eventually you see the truth of it all without a complex, emotionally charged, intellectual explanation about God, heaven and hell, sins, death and resurrection, clouding over the undefined core of your being. Day by day, week by week, year by year, it becomes you and you become it so that the vision of your particular life is a vision of the whole cosmos. And you shake your head in amazement that you never saw this before and that you were buried in the mud and mire of the torturous illusions that keep the human race churned up as if it is preparing itself for self-destruction.

As you look around now, you know not to worry, that all of it is arises moment by moment out of the infinite and that you are just a piece of that knowing that has woken up with a brain, a body, hands and legs and a landscape to walk on, air to breathe, and people to know and love. What next, you ask? Now that the dream is banished and you walk forever on the shores of the unknown?

Michael Garfield’s Music

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