33 Taking Refuge from the Mystery of Your Existence in the Divine Other


It doesn’t really matter, does it? Whether we live after death or not. Why should it matter when the longing of the heart is here and now? When justice is always fleeting, when physical fears and longings never go away, when the reality of God is elusive in our thinking. Never mind the reality of God; God is just a thought we do battle for. The blood of the lamb and the blood of the sword taste just as sweet on the vengeful tongue. So we step outside the entire history of the world, including our individual lives, which, despite the presence of billions of such lives in the world, rarely surrender their undying self-importance. Just a simple step from under the veils of thought into the open spaces of pure existence, spirit, God, reality. Yes, you! Clutching something that will die and cease to exist no matter how grand and spiritual you think it might be, rather than stepping out and looking around and taking those first few steps into the infinite.

Michael Garfield’s Music

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