35 The You That is Perched Alone on a Lotus Flower in the Infinite


The bad news is that stepping out of your personal existence into the unknown can be overwhelmingly daunting; the good news is that that pesky tap on the shoulder telling you to do so never goes away. It’s all there, of course, the waves of the divine rising out of the infinite, the layers of beings offering you various stories about the nature of reality; and you, of course, unwrapping the veils that cover up who you are once the truth is revealed and there is no going back. The divine self; the ultimate “I” as doorway into the infinite–realizing that taking on these creases in existence is ultimately a one way trip. With a little bit of spiritual juice, however, you can move into a personal bayou and enjoy the sights and sounds of harmony, thinking that this is it, or if it is not it, you have time, yawning at the light you have gotten used to, “like the fat weed that roots itself in ease on Lethe wharf.” Hamlet’s ghost knew a thing or two about calls to action.

Michael Garfield’s Music

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