39 Now That I Know You Are Real


Awakening within the absolute spirit as naked awareness on a regular basis leaves us challenged to know what the value of our individual lives are. Most human beings pass through their lives without a clue as to their value in that kind of spiritual context. Those who have practiced deep meditation for extended periods of time are faced with that question daily. On the outer veils of our knowing, which is where collective humanity remains stuck, the world continues without giving us a clue as to what is going on in the depths of our being. Once we step off the outer veils, however, and we acquire familiarity with the inner realms of knowing and experiencing, something of that value gradually becomes apparent. Only through a direct and intimate interaction with the absolute spirit on the shores of the unknown do we realize the true value of our personal existence. This episode may shed light on Jesus’ parable of the talents in Matthew 25: 14-30. Imagine that!

Michael Garfield’s Music

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