45 Krishna’s Flute and Love’s Last Stand as it Disappears into the Infinite


In the deepest part of your personal psyche, you exist only as a knower of God. That knowing generates an intimacy than can never be overshadowed by things in the world. It’s like a small room on the outer edge where there is room for only you and the infinite, the divine, the absolute, God. Outside that door is the unknown. You feel it and know. That relationship transforms you and your individual life but it also opens the heart to such profound love that all personal drama ceases to have meaning. Here you are on your own as an individual as the finer veils in your knowing of God fall.

Read these aloud to yourself until you know them and they know you:

“The soul that is called to this deep and vast inward change, may arrive in different ways to the initial departure. It may come to it by its own natural development which has been leading it unconsciously towards the awakening; it may reach it through the influence of a religion or the attraction of a philosophy; it may approach it by a slow illumination or leap to it by a sudden touch or shock; it may be pushed or led to it by the pressure of outward circumstances or by an inward necessity, by a single word that breaks the seals of the mind or by long reflection, by the distant example of one who has trod the path or by contact and daily influence. According to the nature and the circumstances the call will come.” –-Sri Aurobindo

“We can see also that in the integral view of things these three paths are one. Divine Love should normally lead to the perfect knowledge of the Beloved by perfect intimacy, thus becoming a path of Knowledge, and to divine service, thus becoming a path of Works. So also should perfect Knowledge lead to perfect Love and Joy and a full acceptance of the works of That which is known; dedicated Works to the entire love of the Master of the Sacrifice and the deepest knowledge of His ways and His being. It is in this triple path that we come most readily to the absolute knowledge, love and service of the One in all beings and in the entire cosmic manifestation.” –Sri Aurobindo

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