46 How to Navigate the Unknown


How many years of tentative living does it take before we become comfortable navigating the world our parents have brought us into? Does it ever get fully mastered? Perhaps. Ask the Zen masters and the other voices of the infinite. Many of us lead very good lives; too many of us suffer immensely for reasons we never fully understand. Never mind the politics and the religious wars that have beat us down as a race. On it goes. At some point in our looking at the outer world as well as at our inner landscape, we experience the urge to turn our search for something special into an exploration of the divine depths, the absolute spirit. Off we go with no truth to cling to. When we respond to such a desire, huge awakening takes place. How to manage knowledge of the void? What to do when we get a sense of how it all works and get a grasp of the tools for moving forward into the unknown?


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