48 Building Your Own Kingdom of Heaven Within


Good fortune in life is the bounty of knowing spirit, and good fortune arises out of the day to day connection between the thinking mind, the mind that has been conditioned by the mass consciousness, and our desire to awaken from the cruel illusions that are perpetuated by the dark power mongers who control the narrative of what the world is. Building a kingdom of heaven within creates a bulwark against the aggressions of the illusionists, including the benign slumbering sheep who have neither the desire nor the energy to look up from their dream stories. No Neos in this group. But here, you and I, step outside the illusion and make daily commitments to increasing the light value of what we do and to creating a counter narrative in our minds about what is real and what isn’t. All this that humanity may eventually flourish, and  that you and I will have vehicles of resurrection into the great beyond when our earthly toil has been completed. For a deeper penetration into these issues, consult Creating an Architecture of Light for the Mind.

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