50 What Prayer is Your Offering As You Pass into the Unknown?


Very few people are aware of the grand drama of existence that is going on behind the scenes of personal living. The sense of it may pass through your mind, but the actual desire to pull back those veils and take on the reality out of which you arise into consciousness is a gift from the divine. Part of that exposure to the possibilities of coming into the divine presence or that presence tapping your psyche to let you know that your life is real is the day to day creation of your prayer, the truth of who you have become in your living, the statement that will spill out of your heart without contemplation or conscious preparation and by which the divine will know your readiness to continue your journey to God Union. In this episode, you journey into that place where you are creating that prayer. Feel that space. Open the door. Special treat at the end: a dramatization of a human consciousness passing into enlightenment.


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