51 Dancing on the Landscape of Infinity


The Invisible Room Deep Mystery Podcast takes willing listeners outside the thinking mind in order to discover and explore the eternal field of spirit, the absolute, God. How is that possible? you might think. My world is here, where I was born, with those I love, the work that I do. Unless you have that astonishing moment of realizing that you have always existed and were never born and will never die, you will remain encased in dense thinking, coarse sensations, and crude desires. Once these realizations start coming in, suddenly without warning, the world ceases to be what you thought it was, and your thoughts take on a penumbra of knowing that redefines the mind. What do I think as I awaken from the story of living that everybody else is imbedded in? Don’t they know? Don’t they understand? And yet there is little one can do other than take one step at a time into the strange new land. As the mind loses its preeminence in how we live, the thoughts that dominate our inner landscape are about reality: What is Brahman? Who will come if I call Krishna? What is my prayer? Whom do I worship? Not idle thoughts as the mind slips into the infinite and your grip on reality is no longer dependent upon what you think.

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