52 You and the One Truth That Is

buddha deep

The Invisible Room Deep Mystery Podcast has always been about one thing: the reality of the divine self, of God, the invisible room. No how to, just accepting that. That reality has always been that reality even before the earth formed out of the solar dust that came from the galactic nebula that was the nursery for our star. Even before that and before the universe. That underlying reality is who we are at our core. Everything comes from that. Nothing will ever change that. No successes in life will change the ground state reality that is seeking entry into our personal lives in order to fulfill the divine purpose that is playing out throughout all creation. To have reality unfolding in you, or continue the endless rounds of lives on the wheel of birth and death for accepting as totally real the personal story. Ask your soul; it knows. Can you feel the resistance inside you as your personal story tugs at your knowing. Yes, it feels like a struggle because forces in the world seek to keep us bound to the fears and desires that no manner of philosophizing about will ever change. Want to escape? Bring in the light.

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