–The Darshan of Ramana Maharishi


Darshan means being in the presence of. In the traditional sense, taking darshan means sitting at the feet of an enlightened master, a saint, a sage, or a seer. Darshan is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. The purpose of receiving darshan is to increase the desire to be one with God, to turn that desire into a longing, that longing into a fire, and that fire into divine ecstasy.

In our modern era, darshan can mean listening to recordings, watching video images of the movements of awakened or enlightened beings, and receiving the spirit essence of who they are and who you are by direct transmission. Regardless of era in time, ancient or contemporary, direct transmission is the only “technique” by which awakening occurs. Some awakened beings transfer their awakening through public gatherings in which an individual might sit in conversation with the master and receive direct input into his or her resistance to being awake. Such darshans occur around the world everyday in large gatherings, small gatherings, and in intimate one-on-one settings.

Many of the great teachers of our age point to Ramana Maharishi as the pinnacle of enlightenment. He transcends all teachings and yet is a living verification of the greatest wisdom offered to humankind. The darshan of this video is first in the images of Ramana. The simplicity of what is real can be seen in these images. Nothing to gain and nothing to lose. The narration by Robert Adams, one of his most ardent followers, is a darshan in itself, especially as one opens one’s inner knowing to what is being said. Eternity in only forty minutes.

The second video is a deep immersion into Ramana’s life and teachings. This journey into the eternal Self occurs as you listen and view the images. Just be there, here, and do nothing else.


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