54 What Is Going On In Infinity?


The only thing that separates us from the fires of infinity is God. Our personal lives go on day after day just outside the veils that define our living and separate us from the naked space where infinity churns out creation in the grand wholeness of it all, and in you in particular, a soul specifically crafted with an array of veils that define what you are to do. Alone and afraid you might be all wrapped up in those veils, looking at a fearsome world with so many urges to command that you just might cry out to God to free you from your human confusions. And God just may do that; He may send you to some sacred site where silence has been cultivated for millennia; he may send you into a little room with a picture of a divine saint who imparts to your heart waves and waves of sacredness. Maybe. If not, so be it. The simple truth of you is that you are going on in infinity, clinging to all those veils even as you quietly prepare for a possible eruption of the dragon into your personal existence. Everyday the veils get thinner. Easy going is what I say.

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