–The Darshan of Mata Amritanandamayi


Darshan means being in the presence of. In the traditional sense, taking darshan means sitting at the feet of an enlightened master, a saint, a sage, or a seer. Darshan is a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

In our modern era, darshan can mean listening to recordings, watching video images of the movements of awakened or enlightened beings, and receiving the spirit essence of who they are and who you are by direct transmission. Regardless of era in time, ancient or contemporary, direct transmission is the only “technique” by which awakening occurs. Some awakened beings transfer their awakening through public gatherings in which an individual might sit in conversation with the master and receive direct input into his or her resistance to being awake. Such darshans occur around the world everyday in large gatherings, small gatherings, and in intimate one-on-one settings. Some darshans occur in the empty spaces between thoughts; this is sadguru territory.

When Amma hugs you after you have been standing in line for hours and after she has been embracing souls wanting to be nourished by the Mother for 10, 12, 20 hours, there can be little doubt to the pilgrim taking her personal darshan that a godbeing walks among us. Her indefatigable energy is impossible to fathom. Even the most mind-burdened soul will be confronted with facts about her, which anyone can see, which are impossible to explain. Her energy and compassion and love come directly from source, from God, from the divine self, and she does not wear out. What she does is all out in the open. She is the Mother; she is the pure devotee of God; she is a bottomless reservoir of love, wisdom, and absolute truth. Millions have passed through her arms; the entire human race fills her heart, with much room to spare. She has ashrams, hospitals, and orphanages all over the world. She tours the US every summer.

The video below was made by a professional film maker and is of the highest technical and directorial quality. Your heart will open, and you will know. Linger for a minute or two after the video to enjoy the photo gallery.

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