The Darshan of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji

The Darshan of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji

HH Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji

My relationship with Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji has been ongoing since 1993, when, during a concert, he came into the audience and manifested for me a crystal out of his siddha abilities (mystical powers). After the concert, I asked him why. He said because I had been performing puja daily. That was an irresistible hook. I feel him swirling inside me right now as I prepare these words for presentation on this website.

I have visited Sri Swamiji’s ashram in Mysore, India, twice and have a room there in my name should I wish to visit again. Meanwhile there is much territory on my inner landscape devoted to my experiences with him and the many avenues through which he makes himself available to devotees. Just to give him a special name on that inner territory, I refer to him now as the Absolute Man. He is the sadguru, the Absolute Man. That means that Sri Swamiji has mastered life when lived within and as the absolute spirit. He is the knower and the known. He is the ongoing process of life manifesting and unmanifesting itself. In the language of his Hindu devotes, he is Dattatreya as well as the self-existent one (Avadhoot). His movement within the unmoved and unmoving spirit is Dattatreya. I currently chant mantras and listen to his music to receive the Dattatreya bounty and Sri Swamiji’s grace.

In contrast to the sparse external presentation of Ramana Maharshi, Sri Swamiji’s manifestation is like a paradisal garden of lush spiritual delights. He is a world class musician on the synthesizer and has played concerts of Meditation and Healing music around the world for thirty years. Many of his albums are available in iTunes, and through Apple Music and Spotify, for those who subscribe to those services.

As a Brahman in India, Sri Swamiji performs pujas (sacred ceremony) to many of the Hindu deities preferred by those who come to him. Sri Swamiji’s choices to worship are their choices. Sri Swamiji is the source to which all these deities refer. Every morning without fail, no matter where he is in the world, Sri Swamiji performs the Sri Chakra Puja, which is a devotional service to the divine mother. His mother was his guru. Keeping one’s eyes on the guru, one never gets lost, although until enlightenment dawns, one is always blind. I once asked Swamiji what the value was in having a sadguru. His answer was one word, “Protection.” How many years of searching blindly about does it take to realize the truth of this statement.

Sri Swamiji’s presence in the world has flourished like foliage in a rain forest. He has millions of devotees in India and the west; he has many temples to various deities in the Mysore ashram to accommodate their worship, and he has many ashrams around India and the west. He has recorded dozens of albums of Meditation and Healing music as well as bhajans (devotional songs), most of which he composed. Sri Swamiji is constantly travelling around the world to visit devotees. This year he will be eighty. When I first visited Swamiji’s ashram in 1994, there were only three or four buildings standing. Now Sri Swamiji’s ashram is a small city. All of this says: keep your eyes on the guru, put your personal life in order, worship God.

My yogi self tells me to embrace one form, one guru, one saint or deity and remain steadfast with that manifestation. Good advice, but I am a wanderer. I move from one manifestation to another like a honeybee looking for the nectar which each has to offer. But Sri Swamiji is home base. Even when I turned my back on him and his deeply Hindu forms of worship, he never turned his back on me.

Coming into the presence of Sri Swamiji’s energy is like coming into a concert hall of grand musicians in full form playing to the whole universe lush, bounteous, and ecstatic music celebrating the reality of God. Once that reality is known and deeply felt in one’s life, there is only one activity that is real and true and that is celebration. Sri Swamiji’s manifestation is that celebration. One finds a seat and grabs this wave and that wave of his being to call them one’s own. The videos on this page are examples of waves of his energy. They can be enjoyed as is, or any one of these can open doors to the deep interior if one wishes to make the inward turn in this space here and now.

  1. Live concert music (20 min)


2. Swamiji singing bhajans (8 min)


3. World Protection Mantra. Using this video, one can easily chant this mantra and receive the benefits for oneself and for the world. (10 min)


4. The Sri Chakra Puja. Sri Swamiji performs this puja every morning regardless of where he is in the world. It is a devotion to the divine mother. This video has a commentary explaining the different elements of the puja, but best advantage is to be gained by watching Swamiji’s movements. Not just what he does but how he is. In other words, one feels it. Understanding is secondary. (25 min)


5. A tour of Sri Swamiji’s ashram in Mysore, India. Without commentary. The music soundtrack is delightful but is not Swamiji’s music. (11 min)





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  1. So tell me more about your trip to India. Oh, oh … after this tour through these pics, videos and music of Swamiji – feeling the pull myself. As we were putting Janet’s altar together she found a lovely essay written, I think, by you in one Swamiji’s books that you gave her after one our trips to see him. So wonderful to feel His Presence activated by your blog.

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