57 The Self-Existence of a Thought Is Eternally Free


Imagine what it would be like to come to a vast clear space in your life where the most fundamental questions about life come out of the fog of the mass consciousness and assail your thinking until you are willing to take them on for real! Is there a God? Is there life after death? Does love endure? Who am I? What am I doing here? All of these questions and many more are buried in the insanity we call life on planet earth and await our discovery of them. These questions open doors, they beg for us to awaken into the truth of our existence, never mind the allure of the world and the lies we tell when we cannot accept our addiction to it. Earth, the universe, spirit, and the unknown. If we try to put it all together in the mind, we fail; but listen to the longings that urgently inform the heart that revelations are available, then much is possible. Listen here to two versions of enlightenment: one from Paramahansa Yogananda; the other from Franklin Merrell-Wolff. This episode is about arousing that desire to exist for real. Without that longing that will not be assuaged by anything but truth, the body bag at the end might as well be good enough.


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