71 Last Days: Good Things to Know as You Pass from this World


Why talk about the subject that nobody will ever understand and only rarely accept? Death is an event everybody seeks to avoid. Civilization as a whole seeks to avoid it; medical science seeks to banish it. Do you choose to march in that mass fear and ignorance? Or do you choose to turn around and approach death as a knowledge that will bring infinite intelligence to bear on how you live your life? That turning is what this episode seeks to accomplish for those who enter their invisible rooms and know the reality at the core of all things.


  1. Just finished a weekend Sunpoint workshop w/ Janet … of course much was said/done re- the subject about the next Big Leap many in the group are facing!! Oh, yes, the Great Liberation!!! You and Janet – traversing same Omniverse, me thinks?!

    Love, Deidre PS You enjoying her Radical Peace audios I have been sending?

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