72 Direct Cognition of the Mysteries of Existence (advanced)


As active human beings in the world, we need to know many things; indeed, there seems to be no end of things to know in order to succeed in life. Those whose lives are based on a dearth of worldly knowledge live contracted lives. We see this all around in every country, including “rich” countries. These people only the heart can help, and as we all know, there is a dearth of heart in the world. Life continues like this within the thinking mind indefinitely unless there is some intervention.

There is another way of knowing reality, which I call in this episode direct cognition of the mysteries of existence. Knowledge of the invisible room, the absolute spirit, the original condition–this knowledge is a fundamental knowledge for integrating the human experience into the flow of life in the cosmos. In this episode, I delve deeply into this kind of knowing for those whom I refer to as “long distance thinkers,” those whose thought streams have escaped the delusions of the mass consciousness. The problems of the world will always be there absent direct knowledge of the absolute spirit. Many do their part to help from where they know these deeper things. This episode is expressly dedicated to the long distance thinkers of the world, whether they hear these particular words or not.

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