Strategies for Listening (text only)



  1. The latest episode is always dripping with a fresh intent from spirit. Remember, it’s not the words; there is very little to understand; it’s you opening an immediate doorway from your mind directly into spirit, where it’s just you and spirit. Spirit won’t speak to you; it stirs revelation, awakening, epiphanies, and enlightenment, and will grab you by the scruff of the neck and show you the truth if you are ready. You can listen to any episode multiple times.
  2. Scan titles and find one that holds your attention, or a picture that mesmerizes your brain, or a feeling deep inside that says “This is the one!” Listen to that episode. Remember, it’s not the words.
  3. Let spirit decide. Click the link below; let the generator pick a number between 1 and the number of the latest episode. Return to The Invisible Room Page and listen to that episode. This way is especially satisfying for the long distance listener. (There is no episode 18.) Let spirit decide.