We have taken it for granted that the world is what we have learned in school, and at home, and in churches and temples, and in the backrooms where we plotted schemes to achieve, win the day and overcome the fear that binds us to the rules of the powers that be when all around and inside and beyond the thinking mind spirit eternally is. Who or what keeps us bound into the view of the world that is destroying us? Is self-destruction part of the divine plan, and do we even believe in a divine plan at times other than when we need solace from something horrible that has happened to us?

In this episode, listeners have a chance to assess their thinking about spirit, to realize that spirit is not in our thoughts or theologies. It is existence itself. And what to do with that? Tread the path of a soul asserting one’s virtues over one’s vices; or going the way of spirit with the inner lion lying down with the lambs and allowing the divine to enter through absolute acceptance of all that is?



Where ever do I look, when the infinite self which I have suddenly become ponders the loneliness, even though days and weeks and years have passed since I knew my personal life was over. Through the books, the mantras, the prayers, the grand words and searing beauty of images and stories and rhythms that are all about that and where to find it, a fierce longing endures. Infinite being that I am, I still need that act of longing, even if it is only a gesture, a nod of the head, a movement in the eye from that being that knows, that personhood that peers out of the infinite as someone that is not the impersonal, cold absolute. There cannot be unbounded life without it! I cannot crawl out of the ocean onto land without that something that will make infinity plausible as a landscape for living. Where to go without that? Who to be?

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You can’t help but want to bow down when you look up from the normal drudgery of human existence and exclaim, “I want to know!” What to do when the passion grabs you, when the shakti roars through the mind’s confusions and fears and opens up to grand thoroughfares of cosmic beings on the same journey exploring the infinite conditions of existence. And your humanity? Humanity has never been more valuable to itself when you look up from your mortal eyes and see with the eyes of the absolute spirit.

But humanity has a decision to make. Are we dealing with the unknowns of life by turning ourselves into biotic androids; or are we waking up to grand drama of existence through the power of spirit to inquire into its reality as you? Perhaps they are not mutually exclusive now, but there will come a point. At this moment, however, now is what we have. The infinity of now or the prolonged struggle in the world of mental machinations pushing death off farther into the future? Who wants to know?

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What does it sound like when eternity whispers intimately into our ear? Can we separate ourselves enough from the cacaphony of our thinking and worldly living to hear the wisp of knowing that turns us inexorably toward spirit? When the head bows its acceptance, vistas of reality open up before us, whether we end up standing on a mountain top surveying the vast landscape of infinite possibilities for existing or we engage in the simplest of activities, like sweeping the veranda. If you know who you are, it is all very simple. Just a whisper for it all to become undone.

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So much of the world to explore, experiences to have, goals to reach, obstacles to overcome, passions to satisfy, boundaries to breach. Until something mysterious stirs inside and you realize that none of this is it. And before you die, you want something more. In the end, it’s a private journey into spirit, the land that opens up to you when the veils are removed and the staggering infinitude of spirit looks at you and beckons you on in a way that nothing in the world ever could.

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I can understand your hesitation in listening to this episode. You know it’s real. Once you know that, what a marvelous decision either way! It doesn’t matter. Spirit is always there and the decision never goes away. It just waits till a time of your choosing. The choice to turn is, however, truth be told, not really a choice. It is a deeply private inner knowing, a decision that is more in spirit than in the you that continues to long for this moment. Back in your world, in the swirl of personal experiences, it waits behind the veil deep in the silence while you go about your important business, which is never complete, as you know; it just runs out of gas. Look at the man in the picture above. His world is on the table. This other thing, which has been going on for eternity, has now made itself known.

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