I can understand your hesitation in listening to this episode. You know it’s real. Once you know that, what a marvelous decision either way! It doesn’t matter. Spirit is always there and the decision never goes away. It just waits till a time of your choosing. The choice to turn is, however, truth be told, not really a choice. It is a deeply private inner knowing, a decision that is more in spirit than in the you that continues to long for this moment. Back in your world, in the swirl of personal experiences, it waits behind the veil deep in the silence while you go about your important business, which is never complete, as you know; it just runs out of gas. Look at the man in the picture above. His world is on the table. This other thing, which has been going on for eternity, has now made itself known.

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Even though one can put together a story about what these broadcasts are about, no words will satisfy; no concept will last. When we enter the invisible room, the stories of life and death and the world cease. This is who we absolutely are. We exist as the one thing that is. Come in, take a deep breath, and feel the deep currents of mystery running through your life. This is what I do for the world. Each small step, each small opening to the infinite spirit, moves humanity a little closer to its flowering

The Primer Episodes are the first of a series of topical sets designed to open passageways for spirit to enter its creation through us. To feel it is to know it. That’s all that one has to consider when entering the invisible room.

Here are the titles of the five Primer Episodes, which will be posted on Fridays as usual. The were all recorded in one sitting and rise exponentially in vibration as we move through them.

  1. First Things
  2. Unwrapping the Veils
  3. The Doing of Spirit
  4. Ecstatic Self-knowing
  5. Diving the Deep Mystery

Headphones recommended so that your interior spaces resonate more deeply.

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The inward journey has no ultimate culmination although there is the moment when one stands on the cliff side of one’s personal existence and contemplates the infinitude of spirit. How did I get here? Where to go from here? Indeed you can dive into the infinite should the divine intelligence reach out and bring you in; or you can invite into your personal life the seeds of pure knowing and bring back with you godbeing knowledge and live a new reality, one not dependent upon the limitations of the mind. This episode brings in the “pure knowledge” godseed and invites those who breath it into their lives to experience the living edge of one’s personal existence and know it for what it is.

The address of the Fire of Life Prayers indicated on the recording is incorrect. That link is The Fire of Life Prayers.

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You never get over the astonishment of realizing that you are the eternal, absolute spirit walking in the world to live the life of an awake, knowing being. Yes, the creator of this cosmos, the original one, the God of gods, the pure knower, the infinite one is you, when all the mental coverings are pushed aside! That’s who you are and that’s what’s going on. Listen to the intro carefully. Asleep in our life stories, the grand drama goes on but outside of our awareness. Once you start to wake up, you feel the waves of being move through you imbued with huge desire to be one with it all. Let the mystery begin! Let the mystery take hold!

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Once you have decided, once you know this is it, what is it you expect to see when you take one last look over your shoulder? You have discovered at last that the world you have lived in is one whole thing, like a box, one total reality which you are finally ready to step out of. You are no longer embedded in its stories. You have faith that in the beyond, there will be pathways, august beings, perhaps the one grand being that lords over all. You don’t know. Transcendental realities have been your life goal, your purpose, and now there is no turning back. Decades of pretending, of waiting for the right moment, of assessing how much more you need to do, whether or not this is the direction your life has taken. Has it really come to this? And what about love? A deep diver letting go of the line and stretching out to the unmoving waters.

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no one but me

The ocean of being is not just infinite, it knows. What we know as individuals cannot be known without the knowing that the infinite ocean of being is. It exists. It knows. The universe in all its different dimensions, including the world we live in, can only be known through its knowing. We know things. The original knower is infinite and unbounded in its knowing. Our experiences of knowing are bound into mental and sensory phenomena; thus, we are never aware of the existence of the original being and its original knowing. Unless, of course, one spends extended time in the invisible room.

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Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what brings each person to The Invisible Room Podcast? Is it the title? The image? Somebody’s recommendation? Maybe it’s something else not quite so obvious. Perhaps something rises out of the depths of one’s being that quietly says, “I know what this is.”

If you have many years of spiritual practice behind you, you might already feel waves of the undefined self as you listen to these words. With practice, how easy it is to slip out of the indoctrinated self into the unbounded ocean of being.

If all of this is new to you, here is what I have to say. There is life divine just outside the thinking mind. It is eternal, absolute, and full of grace. For this podcast, I refer to this reality as “the invisible room.” It is where I invite people to come for an experience of life outside the mind. The content of each episode will be different. The reality of the invisible room, however, will be the same. Life outside the mind is real. It is the sole source of salvation, enlightenment, and eternal life beyond the human condition.

Absent widespread access to the spiritual domains outside the thinking mind, there is little hope for humanity to flower. That belief is why I have created this podcast. This is my way to help the world. I invite you to listen 30 minutes once a week as a contribution to world peace.

According to early listeners of the show, one comes out of the experience feeling refreshed, more awake, and more connected to their inner resources. By listening, one creates more free space inside the mind with which to experience the flow of the day.

Possible long term benefits are most marvelous to contemplate: a greater and more prolonged access to one’s divine source and center; a deeper connection to one’s personal life as an evolutionary event; and feeling oneself deeply at home, safe, secure, and a source of boundless love.

When one’s awareness extends outside the mind into the unbounded ocean of being, life flows beautifully. Without grasping at things that are not one’s to own, or pushing aside things that are one’s destiny to experience, life flows like a deep river. Historically, such a life is described as living in grace, or in the east, as living in the Tao, after the ancient Chinese text The Tao de Ching by Lao Tzu. Life without struggle is a way of living that opens many doors into the spiritual beyond, which is the destiny of humankind if enough of us finally understand that ultimately it is life in the Tao or nothing at all.

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