In Episode 07, we open our hearts with vibrations that have very specific effects on our thinking and feeling, allowing new knowing about life and reality to be subtly released into our awareness. No human being crosses the boundaries into cosmic awareness without knowing love absolute, which self-exists in the fabric of being. Life begins and ends with this love, even as the cosmos recreates itself for eternity.

The one source of existence that justifies existence, the living love godseed, is our divine charge to live. That opportunity comes when the energy of this episode is activated. With this “incursion” of godspace reality into human consciousness, the ability to travel through the quantum cosmos becomes possible. In Episode 08, “Awakening the Heart of the Quantum Traveler,” we will make our first efforts to open those doors.

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Buddha by the sea

In this episode, we take another deep excursion into the substructures of the invisible room, this time to the shores of the ocean of being. Here we find the most ancient of ancient buddhas, who are us in our original condition. These buddhas are eternally probing the mystery of existence and sending to us from behind the veils of our personal living the original light of the cosmos to remind us of who we are and the journey we are on. If we only knew. Join us for this look behind the veils. Walk with us on the shores of the unknown.

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From within the invisible room, we make our first deep excursion into the reality field. Through invocations and cognitions of the original condition emerging out of itself, we can come into the presence of the living love flame. The living love flame shines through all things, animate or inanimate, but it shines most brightly through the lives of those who have sought out the source of light and love deep within the heart and have learned to feel its presence as a daily experience. This initiation opens doors in the heart that will never be closed again.

Michael Garfield’s Music