Creating a Spiritual Practice (text only)


How astonishing would it be to awaken from the story of the world? How would you live knowing that the narrative of the world as you have learned it growing up and what comes at you from every direction day by day is controlled by dark forces that would rather you remain ignorant and follow the illusory path of their making, the way it has been happening for millennia? The world that you have known, the world that comes through the media and all the institutions of the world, no matter what kind of government controls its people, no matter what kind of religion has spread throughout the land, no matter what empires have risen and fallen, no matter how far the latest rocket has gone, or how long a Mars rover has lasted–you know what you know, that all of it, the entirety of the story that you had been designating as real is false on every level of its telling. This is spiritual awakening. Think about it.

The beauty of this realization is that you do not have to decide which part of the narrative is false, or where the nefarious power mongers are hiding out, or which end of the political spectrum is right and which is wrong, and which religion is the real message from God, or which scriptural representation of God holds the most water. There is no truth along any of those lines of inquiry. Why? Because all of it as a whole is the single grand illusion arising out of the divine imagination. If you look out into the world from your personal viewpoint, you see the manipulations of the mass consciousness, a case of good vs. evil; if you look from the viewpoint of your invisible room, the absolute spirit, you see all of it as the divine imagination at work, offering you a vision of the truth in return for your service in the world spreading the light of its intent.


On every plateau of spiritual awakening, there are choices. In this kind of awakening, you can choose to take on the dark forces that are imprisoning the mass consciousness, “taking arms against a sea of troubles”–the Judas path, so to speak; or you can align your life with the divine intent–the Jesus path, so to speak–becoming allied with impulses arising out of spirit by creating an architecture of light for the mind structured out of thoughts, beliefs, practices, stories, histories, images, sounds, and grand figures of spiritual attainment on the mental plane to counter the narrative that keeps the mass consciousness enthralled. Your life, one piece of light available for creating another narrative, rich in spiritual light, on board with the forces of evolution at work throughout the world, and heavily defended with the tools to counteract the powers of negation–this is the call to all awakening human beings. When Krishna and Arjuna blew their conch shells on the battlefield of Kuruksetra five thousand years ago, the divine and human came together to fulfill their mission in the world. They blow their conch shells for us today, right now. See how it works? How I use the picture? The figure in the back of the chariot is Arjuna (you); the figure in the foreground is Krishna (the you of your invisible room).


In The Invisible Room Search for Enlightenment Podcast, we cultivate the viewpoint of the absolute spirit, represented by Krishna. From that viewpoint, there is no struggle, just ever expanding degrees of awakening and enlightenment extending from earthplanet plane out into the cosmos. That work goes on in every episode of the podcast. But here now, with these words appearing in the lives we are living, our responsibility is to take the knowing that arises out of spirit and project it into the world without it being sullied by the dark elements of the mass consciousness, which has penetrated every institution in the world. We create a bridge of filaments across the ancient seas that separate awakened consciousness from the dense collective consciousness of darkness and destruction, just as Lord Rama did thousands of years ago as narrated in The Ramayana, when he and his devoted servant Hanuman created a bridge out of spirit power from Tamil Nadu in India to the island of Sri Lanka where the demon Ravana had taken his wife. See how it works? Rama is building that bridge for us right now. See how it works? How I am using this picture?


This is the bridge we build with our own spirit power, which we acquire from the divine intelligence arising into our consciousness from the absolute spirit (Lord Rama). The materials we use are already there in the mass consciousness. We pick and choose according to the disposition of spirit. What follows is what I have chosen through a lifetime of cultivating direct contact with spirit. It is not necessarily what you would choose walking outside your house today. What I have done in this podcast and in the waves of knowledge that come with it is to invite you into my psyche to see what I have created, not to imitate it, but to understand that this is the kind of inner landscape that you must create in order to protect yourself from the dark dominions of the earth, and to provide a personal foundation for your further awakening. Your inner landscape of spirit knowledge might start out back as a small garden; eventually it will grow into a continent. It’s that simple. There are great beings walking in the world today whose inner landscape will not fit onto this planet and for some in this universe. Yet they are here, living with you and me on this planet, right now. If you can hear this, if you can see the images and really understand what they represent, then you are awake. If you accept that there is no turning back, you will be richly rewarded with higher consciousness and visions of reality that sweep you right out of these lower planes of consciousness, where you live your life nearer to the animals than to awakened beings with massive inner landscapes. If you have read this far and are a veteran of many listens, you probably already have elements in place and unseen beings aiding you in the construction of your inner reality, your bridge from God to you and to the world.

Four elements of architecture are needed in creating such a bridge. Think of these elements as highly refined filaments inserted in the mind through which spirit shines its light (shakti) into the world and illumines your psyche with warmth, goodness, truth, and purpose (sattva). The deeper your contact with your invisible room, the brighter the illumination generated by these elements. The elements here a description of a spiritual practice (sadhana).

  1. Deep meditation; ideas, beliefs, and texts that reference reality, the absolute spirit, the shores of the unknown; read it or listen to it and experience it; (rishi)
  2. Images, music, mantras, techniques, or things rhythmic, like chants and drumming, that stir the energy of the cosmos; shakti, the divine mother, the holy spirit; feel it and experience it; (devata)
  3. A stance for engaging the mass consciousness without being weighed down by it; a stance that protects your heart, becoming a warrior; becoming a voice for truth; being true to yourself; ready to die for it (chhandas)
  4. A sadhana, a practice (using elements 1-3), a showing to God of your commitment; generating more light day by day; opening your heart to other dimensions of reality; inviting in the higher beings to facilitate your efforts to create; becoming a long distance seeker; all in for fully awake; getting noticed (bhakti)

What follows are suggestions for materials based on the topography of my inner landscape, modest as it is, that you might use to build your bridge. All of these items are tagged for notice by higher beings who search the collective consciousness for awakening human beings. You will be noticed.

Scriptural Texts (ancient texts; contemporary commentary)

The Bhagavad-Gita translated and commentary by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabupada

Krishna The Supreme Personality of Godhead by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabupada

The Bhagavad-Gita (chapters 1-6) translated and commentary by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Bhagavad-Gita translated and commentary by Stephen Mitchell

The Ramayana translation and commentary by Linda Egenes and Kumuda Reddy

Sri Ramacharitamanasa by Goswami Tulasidas

The Upanishads translation and commentary by Vernon Katz and Thomas Egenes

The Tao Te Ching translation and commentary by Stephen Mitchell

The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (various editions)

Psalms translated by Stephen Mitchell

The Heart Sutra: The Comprehensive Guide to the Classic of Mahayana Buddhism by Kazuaki Tanahashi (or another edition)

The Lankavatara Sutra translated by D.T. Suzuki

Zen Ox-Herding Pictures

Contemporary Texts

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Be Here Now by Ram Dass

Ramana Maharishi: The Teachings of Self-Realization by Robert Wolfe

Wake Up and Roar: Satsang with Papaji by Eli Jaxon-Bear

In the Light of the Self  by Alistair Shearer

God Speaks by Meher Baba

Discourses by Meher Baba

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Nikhilananda

Call to Discipleship by Karl Barth

Path to No-Self and The Experience of No-Self and What Is the Self? by Bernadette Roberts

The Urantia Book

The Complete Life of Krishna by Vanamali

The Science of the Rishis by Vanamali

The Book of Secrets by Osho

The Path of Love audiobook by Osho

Osho Zen Tarot

Osho Transformation Tarot

The Essential Mystics: Selections from the World’s Greatest Wisdom Traditions by Andrew Harvey

I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj

The End of Your World by Adyashanti

Guided Meditations an audiobook by Adyashanti

The Way of Zen by Alan Watts

An Introduction to Zen Buddhism by D.T. Suzuki and Carl Jung

Psychic Being by Sri Aurobindo

The Synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo

Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama

Inner Healing, Inner Light, Inner Self, Inner Prayer, and other albums by Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji

The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane (and other albums) by Alice Coltrane

World Galaxy music by Alice Coltrane

The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley

Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke

Loving What Is by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell

How to Practice by The Dalai Lama

Living Deliberately by Harry Palmer

Private Lessons by Harry Palmer

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Roberts

The Education of Oversoul 7 by Jane Roberts

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Touching the Eternal an audiobook by Eckhart Tolle

Freedom and Resolve: Finding Your True Home in the Universe by Gangi

The Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object by Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon

Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon

Awakening the Holographic Brain by Elizabeth Botchis

The Reality of Time by Janet Iris Sussman

The Reality of Time audio CD by Janet Iris Sussman (available at Time Portal Publications site)

Journey to Ixtlan and Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda

Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Meetings with Remarkable Men a film by Peter Brook (1979)

Gravity a film by Alfonso Cuaron (2013)

First Man a film by Damien Chazelle (2018)

The Incredible Shrinking Man a film by Jack Arnold/Richard Matheson (1957)

Lost Horizon a film by Frank Capra, Jr. based on a novel by James Hilton (1937)

Final thoughts to conclude this material: beware the grip of teachings and teachers. Take advice, let spirit show the way. Wisdom from my yogi self: churches teach church; scriptures teach scripture; only God teaches God. Remember, whatever you put into your mind from these elements is part of the false narrative; you make your architecture of light real through your connection to the absolute spirit, your invisible room. Let the divine shakti move through these elements in your mind to make them real. Without that current of divine energy to give them life, these elements are mere flotsam and jetsam like everything else.