Deep Questions and Deep Meanings (text FAQs)


 What is the invisible room?

Your core being, the absolute spirit, God, the Self, the Divine, who you originally are, the source of you and everything else, the presence, your buddha nature, Brahman, unconditioned knowing. The invisible room is the you that is eternal and absolute and is available for discovery and integration into your daily living. It is the mystery of your existence stirring deep within and sending you streams of self-knowing and direct knowledge of the infinite. It is a term I choose to use specifically for the podcast medium.

The questions addressed here are questions that arise in the consciousness of listeners as they listen whether or not they actually surface into conscious thinking. Regular experience of these materials will bring these questions into a more prominent presence in one’s daily life.

Why should I listen?

Our experience of reality is constricted by the indoctrinations and powerful manipulations of the mass consciousness by both benign and malevolent influences; for most of our lives, we think the thoughts we are programmed to think. Every institution, both religious and secular, preserves its existence by exporting its belief matrix into you as a host with the purpose of propagating itself forward in time and expanding its influence throughout the land, and which aim to be there when you are gone. My purpose in generating this material is to provide a pathway out of that dark imposition of fear and control into the freedom of the absolute spirit. It’s not the words or concepts that matter. Each episode generates an “urge” to awaken into spirit. The more you listen, the more you get it, and the stronger the urge. 

Are you teaching a religion?

There is no teaching per se. The intellectual serves to saturate the mind with divine essence. My main concern is to transmit into listeners the experience of being awake outside their life stories. Reality as all human beings live it consists of programmed beliefs, unrelenting desires, fear of death, and dearth in general. Each listener experiences a degree of awakening outside the thinking mind according to how tightly bound each is into his or her life story. Those who have been engaged in long term spiritual practice may experience a surge in new awareness; on the other hand, long time aspirants tightly bound into particular teachings tend to resist being projected outside those teachings. Whatever teachings or religious allegiances a listener might have is irrelevant to my intent. Surrendering to the flow of the podcast is the way to go; thinking about it later, however, will undoubtedly yield new knowledge. 

My background practice is in eastern religions with a significant sensibility to Christianity. Although there are basic concepts from this background running through each episode, the purpose of creating this material is to transmit awakening, like making the light of a lightbulb brighter, the brightness being one’s consciousness. When the episode is over, that awakening might linger long enough for spirit to project a piece of itself into the thinking mind. The more one listens, the deeper the penetration of spirit into one’s consciousness; in other words, knowing goes where there has been no knowing before; the ears hear where there has been no hearing before. Ah! When awareness breaks free of the mind! But these are things that are only understood through direct experience.

What do you mean by awakening?

Deep inside everyone is a source. That source is the eternal, absolute spirit, which I am calling the invisible room. All of reality, you, me, the world, and the universe are arising out of that source now and always as perceptions, which includes you the perceiver and the world you perceive as a single manifesting event; they do not manifest separately. The world is not a place; it is a perception, like a seamless hologram with no obvious instrumentality, which has become so fixed in our psyches that we cannot allow for the existence of any other reality;  we accept without question that the world is absolutely what our human viewpoint says it is.

Our personal lives arise within the magnificent flow of life from out of the absolute spirit until it congeals and condenses into the perception we call the world of planet earth. The you that you know as your personal self is a tiny constriction within the densest condition of that flow, like a piece of the cooled down outer edge of a lava flow that begins as a fiery eruption. The how-to-live intelligence that generates and organizes the universe of perceptions, including you and me, is contained in that flow. Only contact with the source of that flow will lead human beings out of their suffering and into the truth of their existence. This is a very big thought to manage. Awakening means knowing the truth of how things are. 

What are the veils?

Our experience of the world occurs within very dense matter. The body and sense organs are opaque to anything other than dense matter. We cannot spontaneously see God or experience higher states of consciousness because our bodies are made of dense physical matter. Our thoughts are based on experiences of dense matter, and our darker emotions arise out of frustrations with living in dense matter. Reality experienced through dense matter, dense mind, and dense emotions constitutes the outer veil. Life lived in the outer veil is painful. The world of science and religion in the mass consciousness is the world seen through the densest part of the veil.

The veil and all of its folds constitute the totality of creation, which is constantly stirring in the breezes of divine intent arising out of the infinite. 

The purpose of spiritual practice is to thin the veils so that the divine light arising from deep within can infuse human living with the intent behind the creation and free human living from fear and doubt. Religious teachings and practice, which in the densest part of the veil are little more than superstition, come dramatically alive as the veils thin. As the veils unravel and the unconditioned self manifests as who we really are, we can with conscious intent wrap around ourselves any number of folds of the veil and become explorers of the created cosmos as enlightened beings. The quantum cosmos beckons.

What is the difference between the psyche (soul) and the spirit?

I often use the term psyche in lieu of the term soul, which feels old and tired to me. The psyche is the driving force that moves us in our lives. It contains a life design within it and seeks to instill a desire in our consciousness to complete our life purpose without becoming distracted by the allure of the world. The larger work of the psyche is to instill  in our living the desire to seek God, to live a good life, and to know love. The psyche has great knowledge accumulated over many incarnations, which it uses to generate wisdom in its human personalities. The psyche is a distinct unit (a particle, a quantum) of individual intelligence situated at certain point in the layering of veils around the absolute spirit. 

The spirit is unborn. It exists without form. It is absolute. It is universal intelligence. Spirit is the foundation reality and manifests the cosmos for its mysterious purpose, which no knowing being will ever know. Spirit is pure awareness, pure knowing. Human consciousness experiences knowing only in terms of knowing material objects, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations; nevertheless, it is the original knowing that underlies all knowing in all sentient beings. The purpose of spiritual practice is to draw the reality of spirit into one’s personal life and to align one’s life to that reality. The psyche’s prime directive is to facilitate the movement of that intent into you and me.

What is enlightenment and what is the Tao?

Too much has been said and too little is known about this state of being. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu writes about the Tao simply as the way one moves through life without resistance or desire, never calling attention to itself, as if it does not exist; and Buddhists write about enlightenment as entry into nirvana. In India and the western countries, the worship of God is the primary spiritual event. A mind-driven version of enlightenment might run like this: enlightenment is the complete surrender of human identity and knowing into the absolute spirit. The psyche submerges into spirit never to return. Does the psyche continue to exist? Unknown. One becomes spirit. One awakens on another plane of existence? Thoughts merely. 

One cannot say anything about this state absolutely, for there is no viewpoint outside of one’s own viewpoint by which such assertions can be assessed.  For my part, in the outer regions of my personal veil, I accept enlightenment as a realizable goal even though belief in such a goal is a trick of the mind. Enlightenment is a radical existential transformation at the root of one’s being. One may seek it through spiritual practice and virtuous living, but enlightenment does not arise out of the field of time and space and causality. Nothing in our living can cause enlightenment. Nothing you do will bring it on, and there is no basis from an individual human point of view for desiring it.  Enlightenment is the purview of spirit and nothing else. Or there’s no such thing. Who knows? Who to believe?

More knowledge about enlightenment can be found in many writings, both ancient and contemporary. An excellent starting place for pacifying the mind is Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke. Begin with the idea of cosmic consciousness and follow the yellow brick road. For those wanting to dive into the deep end right away, try The Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object by Franklin Merrell-Wolff. For a huge variety of experiential practices and knowledge, try The Book of Secrets by Osho. The podcast episode that most directly deals with these realities is 32 Grace and the Liturgy of Naught.

What is the quantum cosmos?

The material in these episodes has nothing to do with how to live one’s personal life. Every episode is about life eternal for the psyche in its rounds of incarnation and the opportunities for awakened (enlightened) psyches as they voyage out into the cosmos once their human incarnations have concluded. The quantum cosmos refers to the passageways into the unknown taken by discrete knowing beings configured into quantum light bodies for their explorations of the many spiritual dimensions of the manifest universe and the absolute itself. (see below #3) Knowledge of these realities is important because deep within the folds of our psyches, preparations are being made to facilitate this next stage in human evolution, and each of our personal lives are products of those hidden events. 

We are all on our way to some realization and awakening; the material in The Invisible Room Deep Mystery Podcast is exclusively about opening one’s consciousness to these farther shores.

What is the essence of The Invisible Room Deep Mystery Podcast

There is a force moving through all things in the cosmos, propelling you and me inexorably toward an existence very different from our human lives. It originates in the infinite unknown and manifests every fragment of form that comprises the universe. I record this material to give that knowledge a chance to catch up with our living, a chance for listeners to look around their lives and really ponder the situation we find ourselves in, to contemplate how very little we know. At some point in our human living, in this lifetime or another, we become awake enough to be aware of choices to be made. You could say that the core of these podcasts is to bring the listeners’ attention to these choices:

1. Listeners to these podcasts are asked to shift their attention for thirty minutes away from their human stories to the reality of the invisible room, the absolute spirit. The purpose of this action is to bring the reality of spirit to the forefront of living, thereby giving one’s personal existence real value.

2. This choice arises from much deeper within and rarely reaches conscious thinking. Listeners are asked to consider the choice of continuing endless rounds of reincarnation with their emphasis on working out karma (balancing our accounts with other souls) and broadening the experience of the psyche for its evolution; or to activate the intent now, in this lifetime, at this moment, to wake up and become a fully realized knower of the all that is. To wake up is to know that these choices are real and true.

3. This choice arises directly out of spirit and may not be a human generated choice at all. Fully awakened (enlightened) human psyches (souls), which exist as quantum light bodies with no attachment to anything of the human domain, look to two paths leading out of earthplanet plane into the infinite: one path takes you into the infinite as a lover of God, each embracing the other eternally; the other path takes you into the infinite as a self-existent godbeing, an eternal being in whom the tension between self and other is fully resolved. These mysterious things become more real as one becomes more familiar with what is going on in The Invisible Room Deep Mystery Podcast. That knowledge comes only with an intense desire to know.

Krishna and Brahman

Deities, saints, and sages; and masters, seers, gurus, and all those unnamed others who have become awake, no matter in which age or epoch, each points to the one truth of the absolute spirit as Self. The one truth. Never born, never dies. The You that is ultimately You. This Self is called Atman in one set of teachings, Purusha in another, the Buddha nature in another.  In the western traditions, we might include in our considerations God the Father, the Ain Soph Aur, and Allah. As your human psyche and you as its projected living self in the world confronts the unknown, it asks for comfort, guidance, and knowledge by which to stand up and be counted in the infinite universe. Ah, the courage it requires to face the formless infinitude once you have learned to project your consciousness outside your life story! It is a big deal! Not many can do it. So, God gives you a form to know and to love and to serve and comes alive in that form as God.

This teaching is fundamental with variations throughout the world, though more voluminously expressed in the scriptures of Asia. Vedanta is the most familiar and universal name for this teaching of the Self as the abstract Atman; that Atman is Brahman. Brahman is undefined totality; the viewpoint that cannot be. There is awesome, breathtaking literature to support these teachings, specifically the Upanishads, and the many, many great men and women sages who have embodied them. The Bhagavad Gita is the crown jewel of Vedic literature; its teachings contain pathways in many directions of self-knowing and action in the world. The bounty of this small book is unlimited. Throughout the Vedic literature, many paths are described for arriving at the same source. Krishna serves as teacher in this way for many, but in total, Krishna is always more. Krishna traverses all the teachings. No matter what the story or teaching, when Krishna enters the room, everything else stops. Written knowledge of Krishna comes primarily from two sources: The Bhagavad Gita and The Srimad-Bhagavatam (especially Canto 10).

There is another teaching from India, as old and venerated as the one referenced above, which says that God is an Absolute Form, and that that form is Krishna. He is named the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Krishna as form includes the reality of Brahman. Know Krishna, know Brahman. One worships Krishna specifically as God. These teachings are called Vaishnavism; their main event is the incarnations of Lord Vishnu as Krishna, Rama and many other great beings. The main text for this teaching is the multi-volume  Srimad-Bhagavatam. The essence of this teaching is quite simple: it is easier to bow down to Krishna than to disappear into the infinite as being “one” with Brahman. I have participated ecstatically in both these great teachings and continue to do so. Enough said here. These are not the Krishnas I am referring to in The Invisible Room Deep Mystery Podcast.

The Invisible Room Deep Mystery Podcast invites listeners to awaken into spirit, their invisible rooms, regardless of participation in the teachings referenced above or in any other teachings for that matter; but it also points listeners to the beyond, into the grand cosmos that is ours to explore once we have reached the pinnacle of our human evolution and no longer need human incarnations. In my forays into these higher realms, Krishna became my divine other; he was absolute as other, no becoming “one” with Krishna. What I learned from this Krishna is that he exists as a necessity because the infinite dimensions of eternity cannot be managed by any kind of created being whatsoever, enlightened or no. Even the next highest plane of existence is so astonishingly soul-boggling that beyond that beyond can only be managed by Krishna. So, this absolute totality of everything presents itself as Krishna. When I was “out there,” he was beautiful and friendly. In material I eventually wrote about these experiences, I came to refer to him as The Impossible All-Beautiful Form of the Unreferenceable. Listen to 45 Krishna’s Flute and Love’s Last Stand as it Disappears into the Infinite. 

Krishna deer 2

Is there anything listeners should do with this information? Yes. Let it speak to you; let it align you with your invisible room and create pathways out of the chair you are sitting in into the world and cosmos for the great adventure of awakening. A deep dive into the Special Experiences for Invisible Room Podcast Listeners page would also be very rewarding.