About Me


HeIMG_1538llo. My name is John Lentz. I created The Invisible Room Podcast as an opportunity for listeners to spend a few minutes a week deepening their experience of their divine source and center. Each episode is experiential. Week by week, we walk the razor’s edge between reality and the stories we tell about reality.

After many years probing my spirit core, I have concluded that we are all inter-dimensional travelers in search of something mysterious hidden behind the veils of our human living, and the deeper I have reached into my spirit core, the farther my consciousness has stretched out into the cosmos looking for the source of everything. My adventures have been manifold. In this podcast, I will share those adventures and lay the foundation for those listeners who wish to set out on voyages of their own.

There are some very special people I would like to thank, without whom this effort would not shine as brightly as it does. The instant I heard Michael Garfield’s music, I knew I wanted it to be deeply woven into The Invisible Room Podcast experience. The piece on tMichael-Garfield1he first twelve episodes is entitled “Heat Shimmer” from the Golden Hour album. Beginning with Episode 13, a new piece of music stirs us up into a higher vibration for more magnificent expressions of one’s divine source and center. This new piece comes from Michael’s album Martian Arts; the song is entitled “Olympus Mons.” Click the Bandcamp link above and experience it. Or click here to hear the new intro by itself. Michael lives his life as a 21st century tambourine man, “dancing beneath the diamond sky, with one hand waving free.” As a subscribed fan, I have access to all of his music, which is a treasure trove of soul-stirring sounds, all of which he generates himself in a process called looping. Check out Michael’s music on Bandcamp and consider coming onboard.  Minimal shekels per month. After each podcast, the music will run for a minute or two while the energy of the podcast expeerience settles into the mind. A good time to watch the stream of thought as it re-enters the personal life. Thank you, Michael, for allowing me to use your music.


I 010would also like to thank Maisie MacKinnon, who created the exquisite image that is now the face and logo of The Invisible Room Podcast. In preparation for her creating her art, she listened to the first three broadcasts on my computer. Afterwards, we had wonderful, in depth conversations about the invisible room and what happens before and after listening to an episode. It was the kind of exchange I would hope many who listen to this podcast would have. Maisie has been a personal friend for years and as an Avatar Wizard, she has guided this novice Wizard in clearing out some of the deepest and most life-negating undergrowth in my inner landscape. Without her support and guidance, this podcast would not have been possible. Maisie is a professional artist, graphic designer, media consultant,  photographer, writer. She has worked extensively with Native Americans. Check out her world at Maisie MacKinnon.

I wRMK INVR PHOTOould also like to thank my beloved partner Rachel Kimmel, who is my chief advisor and supporter. We found each other twenty years ago on the fractured edges of our souls with the infinite pouring into the small spaces of our personal consciousness, right where the ground falls away. We held each other as we walked the tenuous boundary between being sane and not being sane. We have successfully re-entered earth’s living space and continue to hold each other together to this day. “Thank you” does not begin to cover the gratitude I feel.

I invite you to participate in this podcast through social media. Comments and questions can be posted here. You can also subscribe and download every episode of the podcast through iTunes or Google Play. This the best choice for anyone who would like to spread the word. I post the occasional photo on Instagram as “jrldragon.” My Twitter address is @hiddendragon333 for interesting tidbits and announcements. I will use my  blog The Invisible Room Resource Page for podcast related thoughts and announcements, which I will then announce on my FB page. New podcast episodes are posted on Friday evenings. A game goes on (from Ep.1).

If you enter the world of this podcast every week, you will, I am sure, realize what a special place this is. “The Invisible Room” is, of course, inside all of us. It is the original place, the place from where everything initially arose and continues to arise, the place that is before there were things like you and me and planets and stars to exist.

The message of this podcast is simple, “Wake up and be amazed! You exist!” So settle back, preferably with headphones in a quiet place and take the inward dive.