–About Me (text only)


Hello. My name is John Lentz. I live in Washington State, USA. I created The Invisible Room Search for Enlightenment Podcast as an opportunity for listeners to spend a few minutes a week deepening their experience of the absolute spirit deep within. Every human being has a piece of the absolute spirit as the root of their existence, which remains hidden from conscious thinking until the human psyche (soul) receives a mysterious indication that it exists. Each episode is an experiential journey into this core place, where human beings rarely travel, and from where astonishing realizations about Self, reality, God, life and death, love, sages, saints, seers, and saviors in all time and space, and myriad questions about the mysteries of life light up one’s consciousness. Week by week, we walk the razor’s edge between reality and the stories we tell about reality. 

In the public consciousness, I do not exist. My personal world is small but comfortable and very satisfying. Very little in my past is significant enough to relate here except the many thousands of hours of deep meditation, travels to India, Nepal, Thailand, and Tibet in search of doorways that have led me deeper into my spiritual landscape. I don’t remember getting up from my last meditation probably because I am still in it. My inner landscape is now all lit up by a light from beyond, which increases every day. Beyond my personal consciousness, I know myself as infinite, unbounded, and undefined. I know real things. The real Self that I am will never die.

This podcast is a chance for listeners to have a look into the inner reality of someone who has spent more life energy opening up the inner planes than cultivating dominions of success in the outer world. Let there be no mistake, though; this is all my trip, not the truth. The thoughts expressed on these web pages and in the broadcasts are the thoughts I think every day. The thoughts I need for moving through my personal life, I keep on a mental shelf somewhere nearby in another space. The love I feel for God and the people in my life permeates everything I know.

When we die, we emerge from the body into the inner reality we created while we walked the earth. For most readers, this should be a sobering piece of information. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”; truth be told, though, everything else is “within” as well. I hope to demonstrate with this podcast just what that means and help listeners begin the process of shifting their priorities from exclusively seeking success in the world to also creating an inner kingdom of knowledge, bliss, and adventure.