The Buddhas of Pure Existence

Two buddhas by the sea

The shores of the unknown are the regions in our inner landscape where the absolute spirit generates the first impulses which give rise to many astonishing realities and, for our purposes, the original inquiry into existence itself. Who am I? What is this? Why existence? The Buddhas of Pure Existence are that inquiry, eternally stirring on the shores of the unknown and who, if invoked, will direct their inquiry from the infinite ocean of being into your thinking mind. Importing this radical inquiry into a personal life will create dissonance in materially defined goals and desires and the psychological identities that engender them. They will also align your thinking and movements in the world with the grand cosmic drama of universal evolution to which you will steadily awaken. These buddhas provide the impetus for crawling out of the cocoon of human travail onto the shores of the higher planes of existence.

Unseen buddhas of pure existence

Sustainers of godspace in all awake beings

You are the guardians of the seeds of pure knowing

Doorway into the truth of the quantum cosmos

Now as I enter my invisible room

I ask safe harbor in your domain


A short clip from Episode 47 invoking the Buddhas:

An extended clip from Episode 05 introducing the Buddhas: