New to the Invisible Room?


Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what brings each person to The Invisible Room Podcast? Is it the title? The image? Somebody’s recommendation? Maybe it’s something else not quite so obvious. Perhaps something rises out of the depths of one’s being that quietly says, “I know what this is.”

If you have many years of spiritual practice behind you, you might already feel waves of the undefined self as you listen to these words. With practice, how easy it is to slip out of the indoctrinated self into the unbounded ocean of being.

If all of this is new to you, here is what I have to say. There is life divine just outside the thinking mind. It is eternal, absolute, and full of grace. For this podcast, I refer to this reality as “the invisible room.” It is where I invite people to come for an experience of life outside the mind. The content of each episode will be different. The reality of the invisible room, however, will be the same. Life outside the mind is real. It is the sole source of salvation, enlightenment, and eternal life beyond the human condition.

Absent widespread access to the spiritual domains outside the thinking mind, there is little hope for humanity to flower. That belief is why I have created this podcast. This is my way to help the world. I invite you to listen 30 minutes once a week as a contribution to world peace.

According to early listeners of the show, one comes out of the experience feeling refreshed, more awake, and more connected to their inner resources. By listening, one creates more free space inside the mind with which to experience the flow of the day.

Possible long term benefits are most marvelous to contemplate: a greater and more prolonged access to one’s divine source and center; a deeper connection to one’s personal life as an evolutionary event; and feeling oneself deeply at home, safe, secure, and a source of boundless love.

When one’s awareness extends outside the mind into the unbounded ocean of being, life flows beautifully. Without grasping at things that are not one’s to own, or pushing aside things that are one’s destiny to experience, life flows like a deep river. Historically, such a life is described as living in grace, or in the east, as living in the Tao, after the ancient Chinese text The Tao de Ching by Lao Tzu. Life without struggle is a way of living that opens many doors into the spiritual beyond, which is the destiny of humankind if enough of us finally understand that ultimately it is life in the Tao or nothing at all.

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