So much of the world to explore, experiences to have, goals to reach, obstacles to overcome, passions to satisfy, boundaries to breach. Until something mysterious stirs inside and you realize that none of this is it. And before you die, you want something more. In the end, it’s a private journey into spirit, the land that opens up to you when the veils are removed and the staggering infinitude of spirit looks at you and beckons you on in a way that nothing in the world ever could.

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I can understand your hesitation in listening to this episode. You know it’s real. Once you know that, what a marvelous decision either way! It doesn’t matter. Spirit is always there and the decision never goes away. It just waits till a time of your choosing. The choice to turn is, however, truth be told, not really a choice. It is a deeply private inner knowing, a decision that is more in spirit than in the you that continues to long for this moment. Back in your world, in the swirl of personal experiences, it waits behind the veil deep in the silence while you go about your important business, which is never complete, as you know; it just runs out of gas. Look at the man in the picture above. His world is on the table. This other thing, which has been going on for eternity, has now made itself known.

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Even though one can put together a story about what these broadcasts are about, no words will satisfy; no concept will last. When we enter the invisible room, the stories of life and death and the world cease. This is who we absolutely are. We exist as the one thing that is. Come in, take a deep breath, and feel the deep currents of mystery running through your life. This is what I do for the world. Each small step, each small opening to the infinite spirit, moves humanity a little closer to its flowering

The Primer Episodes are the first of a series of topical sets designed to open passageways for spirit to enter its creation through us. To feel it is to know it. That’s all that one has to consider when entering the invisible room.

Here are the titles of the four Primer Episodes:

  1. First Things
  2. Unwrapping the Veils
  3. The Doing of Spirit
  4. Ecstatic Self-knowing

Headphones recommended so that your interior spaces resonate more deeply.

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The inward journey has no ultimate culmination although there is the moment when one stands on the cliff side of one’s personal existence and contemplates the infinitude of spirit. How did I get here? Where to go from here? Indeed you can dive into the infinite should the divine intelligence reach out and bring you in; or you can invite into your personal life the seeds of pure knowing and bring back with you godbeing knowledge and live a new reality, one not dependent upon the limitations of the mind. This episode brings in the “pure knowledge” godseed and invites those who breath it into their lives to experience the living edge of one’s personal existence and know it for what it is.

The address of the Fire of Life Prayers indicated on the recording is incorrect. That link is The Fire of Life Prayers.

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You never get over the astonishment of realizing that you are the eternal, absolute spirit walking in the world to live the life of an awake, knowing being. Yes, the creator of this cosmos, the original one, the God of gods, the pure knower, the infinite one is you, when all the mental coverings are pushed aside! That’s who you are and that’s what’s going on. Listen to the intro carefully. Asleep in our life stories, the grand drama goes on but outside of our awareness. Once you start to wake up, you feel the waves of being move through you imbued with huge desire to be one with it all. Let the mystery begin! Let the mystery take hold!

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Once you have decided, once you know this is it, what is it you expect to see when you take one last look over your shoulder? You have discovered at last that the world you have lived in is one whole thing, like a box, one total reality which you are finally ready to step out of. You are no longer embedded in its stories. You have faith that in the beyond, there will be pathways, august beings, perhaps the one grand being that lords over all. You don’t know. Transcendental realities have been your life goal, your purpose, and now there is no turning back. Decades of pretending, of waiting for the right moment, of assessing how much more you need to do, whether or not this is the direction your life has taken. Has it really come to this? And what about love? A deep diver letting go of the line and stretching out to the unmoving waters.

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When we turn the corner in our lives and finally accept that nothing I can do will bring magic into my life and dispel the terrible confusion that I keep pushing aside with beautiful thoughts and deeds and explosions of desire and all the small things that serve the same purpose of substituting for the one thing that will do the trick and set things right and bring out the true knowledge of who I am, what all of this is, and what is absolutely going on. The cry, “I want to know!” and “I exist!” merge together into a grand reality event. Call it what you will, there is a grand event ready to happen, a sudden dispelling of all illusion and a shaking off of the unquenchable desire to grab the world and squeeze it into what will free me of what inevitably brings me to my knees and accept that the presence I feel is the gaze of a grand cosmic being who will touch me in my hidden core and bring me into the mystery naked and new.

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