Video Narratives of Cosmic Consciousness


Men and women around the world are finding out that they really exist and are living astonishing lives. The Invisible Room Search for Enlightenment Podcast encourages all listeners to explore every accessible avenue for experiencing their spirit core. Let spirit be your guide. Everyone knows his or her own way, which will include teachers, teachings, amazing people, astonishing experiences, and the thing itself. A modest piece of guidance from my yogi self: churches teach church; scriptures teach scripture; only God teaches God. No matter what you hear from these people, you, they and I are doing the same thing, finding our way into our secret selves.


There is a profound affinity between the contents of this video and The Invisible Room Search for Enlightenment Podcast. As you listen, feel new landscapes of knowing open up inside. Follow the words and images back to the original inquiry on the shores of the unknown.

Every word in this two hour video plunges you deeper into to the absolute. The teaching that these words come from is irrelevant to the awakening they generate. Forget the speaker. Forget the words. An ongoing experience of this video will change you forever. Listen to as much as you can. Wisely. Consciousness remembers.