That morning you step outside the door of your personal life and suddenly know the truth of your existence and find waiting for you the grand, eternal journey of discovery, of realizations, of enlightenment, and love exultant, and life astonishing beyond any of the thinking you have mustered over the how many years you have existed, and why not call it love, the divine something always just over the horizon.

Michael Garfield’s Music

light warrior 3

To be awake is to know the truth of how things are. To be fully awake is to know how things are from the viewpoint of your invisible room. The statements in this quick assessment are not intended for the mind to understand. They are directed to the psyche, the soul, to see where it stands in its evolution. Is it ready to turn its attention directly to spirit? In listening to these statements, you just let them in. After each statement, there will be a few seconds of silence. At the end, knowing will be present independent of the things you know. This knowing is what we cultivate when we enter the invisible room. To be awake begins with the original knowing. The mystery of knowing is the mystery of existence.