It is impossible to write coherently on Osho. The mind becomes confounded when approaching him. The only truth one can render upon him is that all of what is said about him, either by sannyasins or by detractors, is a lie. Nothing said can touch what Osho is, and yet words flow forth from all who seriously look into his eyes and look into his words and look into his activities. Many, many useless words, and yet the appeal to his mystery is like diving into the flame of love, knowing that death is the only outcome. They have come by the millions and died for their love of him. Can anyone possibly understand that? If he is a fraud, then the whole universe is a fraud and there is no God.

Or understand the efforts of his devotee lieutenants to take over a portion of Oregon in the 1980s to set up a community for sannyasins to engage in their ecstasy-generating meditations and live together as an advanced human civilization. Watch the Netflix six-hour film Wild Wild Country. Get engaged on both sides! Shake your fist! Wring all the judgments out of your mind; then go onto the website and see the legacy Osho has left behind. And yes, I believe the American government poisoned him. Such a man and the reality he represents, especially at this time in the history of humanity, presents a greater danger than terrorist bombings. Jesus was murdered for the same reason; Mohammed took up arms in his time in order not to be murdered. These men questioned the reality of their worlds, not just the politics. What has changed in thousands of years of human madness and its search for answers? Someone had the balls to say the truth! Look around at all the institutions that control our thinking and our activities. There is no such thing as political freedom. Don’t be fooled. Osho spent his life saying the things that get people killed if those words take on great influence, as Osho’s words did.

Now that he is dead, he is a safe undertaking. No one will follow you into dark alleys. If you end up looking over your shoulders, it will be to see your family and friends inside the barriers they hide behind rather than face the unbounded ocean of being. His legacy is massive. All that he has left behind is alive and well and massively transforming. Osho was a speaker. He spoke eternity. He spoke eternity for thousands of hours. Those talks have been turned into printed books, audiobooks, and videos. Go to the home website. Sign up for newsletters. Become a member. Listen to talks. Acquire and use the Osho Zen Tarot and the Osho Transformation Tarot. Get the physical decks or get the phone apps and use them. Practice the dynamic meditations. Get the music. Dance in the light. Get to know your ecstatic self. Learn their truths. Go on the many websites devoted to him. Feel the praise and the rage. Go on Amazon for print books and audiobooks. Best books to get: The Book of Secrets and Tantra; best audiobook: The Path of Love. My best recommendation is to listen to audiobooks. His English is accented but clear and understandable. He was a college professor before he cut loose from that scene, so he is very educated. He knows a thing or two about saints and sages, ancient and contemporary, history and contemporary politics; he knows scriptures from all religions. He doesn’t hold anything back.

And then when you are done with all of that, get over to Pune, India, southeast of Mumbai, and throw yourself into the fire. Want quick radical change? Go there.

Osho is not safe. He requires of his sannyasins that they give up absolutely everything they believe in, all in the name of undefined existence. Pure existence itself bursts out of his eyes. Nothing he does or says can be contained by the totality of his being. How deeply etched into your consciousness are the boundaries of your life? He will crush them. There is no sober way to approach Osho.

YouTube videos are now overflowing with commercials, so I will leave you with two links:

The Osho Home Page with everything in it.

My Realization, Osho’s narrative of his personal awakening with text (90 min)

Don’t forget to the photos below. Beautiful darshan flows from all the images.


“Only rare individuals have the strength to take a large immediate plunge straight into the sea of the Divine Infinity. Some therefore must choose as a starting point a concentration in thought or contemplation or the mind’s one-pointedness to find the eternal reality of the Self in them.” –Sri Aurobindo The Synthesis of Yoga

All forms of the divine, whether they originate in the history of the race, or in the deep imagination of a culture, or from the swirl of ideas in the wash of time—all so consecrated forms are gestures of the one Absolute Spirit, impulses of the Infinite intelligence toward the awaking of that single individual who has turned head and heart in the direction of that truth. All other considerations aside, the seeker of God receives what he or she needs in the way of ascending to the path of truth, from which, through the faith and longing in the heart, there is no return, only eternal unfoldment.


Such a form is Lord Shiva. Worshipped for thousands of years through art, stories, chants, mantras, sutras, ceremony, pilgrimage, and face-on-the-floor surrender, this form of God is a doorway into the infinite for any individual willing to walk through it. Shiva brings his own gifts to the heart he floods with illumination. Divinity specific to this form is a storehouse of revelation. Satchitananda is his home. His earthly abode is atop Mt. Kailash in western Tibet. I know. I have visited the sacred mountain and circumambulated its base. I have touched the north face with mortal hands and have ridden the wave of inner transformation that has led me to this moment. Lord Shiva knows me and I Him. He is the essence of meditation, which is a dive into infinite silence, into consciousness without a thought, into existence before consciousness. I have meditated tens of thousands of hours at his feet. To know Shiva is to be awake to the Absolute. His image is fierce because making the inward turn takes courage that can only deity can provide. Cutting through the waves of infinity is serious business. Shiva is also infinite intelligence. His dance covers the entire cosmos. And, yes, too, “I am Shiva! Lord of Death!”. Om namah Shivia  Om namah Shivia  Om namah Shivia


Caution is always advised when moving in the direction of the Infinite. A deity worshipped with an open and sincere heart acts as much as a protector as a revealer. On your own is not a safe passage; often the infinite roars like a giant waterfall getting louder as one clutches helplessly to one’s raft. What to do? A steady ascending passage is the gift of the Divine through the chosen deity. Such a deity is not a savior, but the divine uplift inherent in the spirit woven into the mind and heart of the awakening soul. The sadguru will bring the deity to life. Your Higher Self will guide you in its use.

The chant presented here is called the Shiva Gayatri. Gayatri is a rhythm, one of the most ancient rhythms of awakening in the human race. It was the most used by the ancient seers of the Rig Veda. All Gayatri mantras today use that rhythm and several key words. I have underlined those key words in the text below. The original Gayatri Mantra was an offering to the Solar Lord of this system and is the oldest known mantra in existence. It has been rendered today by many devotional singers. Devi Premal has recorded many Hindu devotional chants, the most beloved of which, I believe, is the original Gayatri Mantra. This audio is of me chanting the Shiva Gayatri for ten minutes:

Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe

Mahadevaya Dhimahi

Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat

Om, Let me meditate on the great Purusha,

Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect,

And let God Rudra illuminate my mind

 Purusha = the divine self, the invisible room, the indefinable;

Rudra = an ancient name for Shiva


The advantage of taking up a form of worship from outside of one’s home culture is that you can consciously determine how much of the cultural overlay you wish to participate in. The question is how much “debris” do you wish to row your evolutionary boat through on the way to infinity, where all forms burn up in the fire of life? In the privacy of my heart, I can feel the divinity of Jesus, but I would not proclaim that feeling to any others in my world without risking being defined in a way that I know I am not. Think of the mantra above as a tool, one of many possible tools, in this metaphor as an oar; think of the boat as your personal self; think of the river as the evolutionary movement in which your boat moves. When your boat begins moving on its own inexorably toward the goal, no need for the oar. Eventually no need for the boat. I believe in keeping it simple. Feel what it is. Touch the mystery of existence. Touch the mystery of you. The image above is my worship for you to see. The image below is my inner journey for you to see.






The images and words here exist primarily to delight the soul. There are personal stories, pictures of great beings who have given themselves to humanity for its uplifting, and even the final couple of minutes of a unique 1950s Sci-Fi movie, words that will stay with you if you enter into its consciousness. A good time will be had by all.  

Portraits of Cosmic Consciousness Gallery 1

Portraits of Cosmic Consciousness Gallery 2

Video Narratives of Cosmic Consciousness

The Final Words of the Incredible Shrinking Man

This list of words, phrases, and technical terms can serve as an inspiration to take on the works of Sri Aurobindo. Certainly, that is my overt intent. (Such a bold effort might start with The Synthesis of Yoga.) Nevertheless, there is the hidden influence at work in me which offers this material as an aid for the mind to remake itself into a servant of the divine intent as it works its way into humanity on the way to transforming your human mind into its own likeness as part of a deeper mystery. Tools of the trade from spirit to me to you. –John

This is an index to terms which appear in Sri Aurobindo’s works; it is not a general glossary of English terms. In particular, the terms appearing in the Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library only are included in this glossary.


Absolute (the) the supreme reality of that transcendent Being which we call God. Indian thought calls it Brahman, European thought the Absolute because it is a self-existent which is absolved of all bondage to relativities. [Integral Yoga]

ascent and descent the two-sided practice of the Integral Yoga, an ascent of the consciousness to the higher planes, a descent of the power of the higher planes into the earth-consciousness so as to drive out the power of darkness and ignorance and control the nature. [Integral Yoga]

aspiration the call of the being for higher things, for the Divine, for all that belongs to the higher or divine consciousness. [Integral Yoga]

assimilation a quiet settling in of what has come down. [Dictionary] “Assimilation is very important and periods necessary for it should not be regarded with impatience as stoppages of the yoga.” [S24:1186]


calm a still, unmoved condition which no disturbance can affect; a strong and positive quietude, firm and solid. [Integral Yoga]

central being the portion of the Divine in us which supports all the rest and survives through death and birth. It has two forms — above, it is the Jivatman, our true being, of which we become aware when the higher self-knowledge comes; below, it is the psychic being which stands behind mind, body and life. [Integral Yoga]

collectivity (gnostic) a true community…which can exist only by the inner realisation of every one of its members, by a real, concrete unity and identity of everyone with the other members of the community. [M9:140]

concentration “concentration means gathering of the consciousness into one centre and fixing it in one object or in one idea or in one condition.” [S25:391]

consciousness the self-aware force of existence. The essence of consciousness is the power to be aware of itself and its objects; but it is not only power of awareness of self and things, it is or has also a dynamic and creative energy. Consciousness is not synonymous with mentality, which is only a middle term; below mentality, it sinks into vital and material movements which are for us subconscient; above, it rises into the Supramental which is for us the superconscient. [Integral Yoga]

Consciousness-Force the Conscious Force that builds the worlds; a universal Energy that is the power of the Cosmic Spirit working out the cosmic and individual truth of things. [Integral Yoga]

consecration the devoting of all that comes to one, all one’s experience and progress to the Divine. [Integral Yoga]

conversion a turning of the being away from lower things towards the Divine. [Integral Yoga]

cosmic being the manifold self-expression of the spirit. [Integral Yoga]

cosmic consciousness the consciousness of the universe, of the cosmic spirit and cosmic Nature, with all the beings and forces within it. In the cosmic consciousness the limits of the ego, personal mind and body disappear and one becomes aware of a cosmic vastness which is or is filled by a cosmic spirit and aware also of the direct play of cosmic forces. [Integral Yoga]


desire-soul the surface soul in us, which works in our vital cravings, our emotions, aesthetic faculty and mental seeking for power, knowledge and happiness; the true soul is the subliminal psychic essence. [Integral Yoga]

Divine (the) the Supreme Being from which all comes and in which all lives. In its supreme Truth the Divine is absolute and infinite peace, consciousness, existence, power and delight. The Transcendent, the Cosmic (Universal) and the Individual are three powers of the Divine, overarching, underlying and penetrating the whole of manifestation. [Integral Yoga]

dynamic mind that part of the mind proper which is concerned with the putting out of mental forces for the realisation of ideas; it thinks, plans and acts in order to achieve things. [Integral Yoga]


earth-consciousness the separate global consciousness of the earth which evolves with the evolution of life on the planet. [Integral Yoga]

ego the separative sense of individuality which makes each being conceive of itself as an independent personality. Ego implies the identification of one’s existence with the outer mental, vital and physical self. [Integral Yoga]

emotion being the emotional vital. [Integral Yoga]

emotional vital (the) that part of the higher vital being which is the seat of various feelings, such as love, joy, sorrow, hatred, and the rest. [Integral Yoga]

environmental consciousness something that each person carries around him, outside his body, by which he is in touch with others and with the universal forces. [Integral Yoga]

equality samata, equality of soul and mind to all things and happenings, equanimity founded on the sense of the one Self, the one Divine everywhere; the capacity to remain unmoved within all conditions. [Integral Yoga]

evolution the progressive unfolding of Spirit out of the density of material consciousness; a heightening of the force of consciousness in the manifest being so that it may be raised into the greater intensity of what is still unmanifest, from matter into life, from life into mind, from mind into spirit. [Integral Yoga]

experience “is a word that covers almost all the happenings in yoga. … When the consciousness undergoes, sees or feels anything spiritual or psychic or even occult, that is an experience… Feeling and vision are the main forms of spiritual experience.” [S23:877-878]

exteriorization the consciousness going out of the body. [Integral Yoga]

externalising mind that part of the mind proper which is concerned with the expression of ideas in life (not only by speech, but by any form it can give.) [Integral Yoga]


faith a dynamic intuitive conviction in the inner being of the truth of supersensible things which cannot be proved by any physical evidence but which are a subject of experience; the soul’s witness to something not yet manifested, achieved or realised, but which yet the Knower within us feels to be true or supremely worth following or achieving; the soul’s belief in the Divine’s existence, wisdom, power, love, and grace. [Integral Yoga]

Falsehood not Ignorance (Avidya), but an extreme result of it. Falsehood is created by an Asuric power which intervenes in this creation and is not only separated from Truth and therefore limited in knowledge and open to error, but in revolt against the Truth or in the habit of seizing the Truth only to pervert it. This Power puts forth its own perverted consciousness as true knowledge and its willful distortions or reversals of the Truth as the verity of things. Whenever these perversions created out of the stuff of ignorance are put forward as the Truth of things, that is the Falsehood, in the yogic sense. [Integral Yoga]

Force (the) the Divine Force, the one Energy that alone exists and alone makes universal or individual action possible, for this Force is the Divine itself in the body of its power; in the individual it is a Force for illumination, transformation, purification, for all that has to be done in the yoga. [Integral Yoga]

Force (the Mother’s) the higher Force of the Divine that descends from above to transform the nature; the Divine Force which works to remove the ignorance and change the nature into the divine nature. [Integral Yoga]


Gnosis a supreme totally self-aware and all-aware Intelligence. The Divine Gnosis is the Supermind. [Integral Yoga]

God the Absolute, the Spirit, the Self spaceless and timeless, the Self manifest in the Cosmos and Lord of Nature. God is the All and that which transcends the All. [Integral Yoga]

Godhead the one supreme divine Being. [Integral Yoga]

Gods Personalities and Powers of the dynamic Divine. [Integral Yoga]

Grace (Divine Grace) the help of a higher Divine Force other than the force of Karma, which can lift the sadhak beyond the present possibilities of his nature. [Integral Yoga]


higher consciousness the higher spiritual or divine consciousness. [Integral Yoga]

hostile forces anti-divine, not merely undivine forces that are in revolt against the Divine, against the Truth and Light, and opposed to the yoga. [Integral Yoga]


Ignorance (the) Avidya, the Ignorance of oneness; the separative consciousness and the egoistic mind and life that flow from it and all that is natural to the separative consciousness and the egoistic mind and life; the consciousness of the divided Many divorced from the unifying knowledge of the One Reality. [Integral Yoga]

Immanent (the) not a He, but an It. The Impersonal Brahman is inactive, aloof, indifferent, not concerned with what happens in the universe; It is everywhere, all-pervading, without form or limit in any place or time. [Integral Yoga]

Inconscience (the) the Supreme’s state of self-involved, self-oblivious consciousness and force which is at the basis of the material world; this state is the apparent opposite of the Supreme and in it there can be darkness, inertia, insensibility, disharmony and disintegration. Not really inconscient at all, it is rather a complete “sub”-conscience, a supposed or involved consciousness. [Integral Yoga]

inner being the inner mind, inner vital, inner physical, with the psychic behind as the inmost. [Integral Yoga]

inner mind that which lies behind the surface mind (our ordinary mentality); this inner or subliminal mind senses directly all the things of the mind-plane, is open to the action of a world of mental forces, and can feel the ideative and other imponderable influences which act up on the material world and the life-plane but which at present we can only infer and cannot directly experience. [Integral Yoga]

inner physical the physical part of the inner being. [Integral Yoga]

inner vital the vital part of the inner being. [Integral Yoga]

Insentience absence of sense-perception. [Integral Yoga]

Integral Yoga a union (yoga) in all the parts of our being with the Divine and a consequent transmutation of all their now jarring elements into the harmony of a higher divine consciousness and existence; this yoga implies not only the realisation of God but the entire consecration and change of the inner and outer life till it is fit to manifest a divine consciousness and become part of a divine work. [Integral Yoga]

intellect that part of the mind proper which is concerned with ideas and knowledge in their own right; its function is to observe, inquire, understand and judge. [Integral Yoga]

Intermediate Zone a zone of formations, a borderland where all the worlds meet, mental, vital, subtle physical, pseudo-spiritual, but there is no order or firm foothold; this zone is a passage between the physical and the true spiritual realms. [Integral Yoga]


Knowledge (the) the knowledge of the One Reality, the consciousness of Unity.

Knowledge by identity “The supermind knows most completely and securely not by thought but by identity, by a pure awareness of the self-truth of things in the self and by the self, atmani atmanam atmana. [S21:801-02]


liberation “The sense of release as if from jail (which) always accompanies the emergence of the psychic being or the realisation of the self above. It is therefore spoken of as a liberation, mukti. It is a release into peace, happiness, the soul’s freedom.” [S23:1001]

Life Being at labour in Matter to express itself in terms of Conscious Force; an energy of Spirit subordinated to action of mind and body, which fulfills itself through mentality and physicality and acts as a link between them. [Integral Yoga]

life-force (Prana) the life-energy itself, not material energy, but rather a different principle supporting Matter and involved in it. It supports and occupies all forms and without it no physical form could have come into being or could remain in being. [Integral Yoga]

Light (the) primarily a spiritual manifestation of the Divine Reality illuminative and creative; spiritual Light is not knowledge, but the illumination that comes from above and liberates the being from obscurity and darkness. [Integral Yoga]


material vital that part of the lower vital turned entirely to physical things, full of desires and greeds and seekings for pleasure on the physical plane. [Integral Yoga]

Matter Being manifested as substance; substance of the one Conscious Being. A self-formed mask and robe of the divine Spirit, matter is not fundamentally real, but a form of the force of Conscious Being. [Integral Yoga]

mechanical mind a part of the mind closely connected with the physical mind; its nature is to go on repeating without use whatever has happened – recent events, impressions, old habitual thoughts or ways of thinking and feeling. [Integral Yoga]

mental physical mechanical mind.

mental plane a world of mental existence in which neither life, nor matter, but mind is the first determinant; mind there is not determined by material conditions or by the life-force, but itself determines and uses them for its own satisfaction. [Integral Yoga]

mental vital that part of the higher vital being which gives a mental expression by thought, speech or otherwise to the emotions, desires, passions, sensations and other movements of the vital being. [Integral Yoga]

mind the words “mind” and “mental” are used to connote specially the part of the nature which has to do with cognition and intelligence, with ideas, with mental or thought perceptions, the reactions of thought to things, with the truly mental movements and formations, mental vision and will etc. that are part of man’s intelligence. The ordinary mind has three main parts: mind proper, vital mind, and physical mind.

The mind proper is divided into three parts: the thinking mind or intellect, concerned with ideas and knowledge in their own right; the dynamic mind, concerned with the putting out of mental forces for the realisation of the ideas; and the externalising mind, concerned with the expression of ideas in life.

The vital mind or desire mind is a mind of dynamic will, action, desire; it is occupied with force and achievement and satisfaction and possession, with enjoyment and suffering, giving and taking, growth and expansion, etc.

The physical mind is that part of the mind which is concerned with physical things only; limited by the physical view and experience of things it mentalises the experience brought by the contact of outward life and things, but does not go beyond that. The mechanical mind, closely connected with the physical mind, goes on repeating without use whatever has happened.

Overtopping the ordinary mind, hidden in our own superconscient parts, there are higher ranges of Mind, gradations of spiritualised mind leading to the Supermind. In ascending order they are: Higher Mind, Illumined Mind, Intuitive Mind, Intuition and Overmind. [Integral Yoga]

Mother (the Divine Mother) the consciousness and force of the Divine; the Divine in its consciousness-force. The Mother is the divine conscious Force that dominates all existence, upholding us and the universe. [Integral Yoga]


Nature Prakriti, the outer or executive side of the Conscious Force which forms and moves the worlds. The higher, divine Nature (Para Prakriti) is free from Ignorance and its consequences; the lower nature (Prakriti) is a mechanism of active Force put forth for the working of the evolutionary Ignorance. The lower nature of an individual is his mind, life and body. [Integral Yoga]

Non-Being Non-Existence, Nothingness. [Integral Yoga]


occultism the knowledge and right use of the hidden forces of nature; true occultism means a search into supraphysical realities and an unveiling of the hidden laws of being and Nature, of all that is not obvious on the surface. [Integral Yoga]

opening the release of the consciousness by which it begins to admit into itself the working of the Divine Life and Power; the ability of the consciousness on the various levels to receive the descent of the Higher Consciousness above. [Integral Yoga]

outer being the surface being, our ordinary exterior mind, life, body consciousness. [Integral Yoga]


peace a deep quietude bringing not merely a release but a certain happiness or Ananda of itself, a harmony that gives a feeling of liberation and full satisfaction. [Integral Yoga]

perfection (siddhi) “a growth out of a lower undivine into a higher divine nature.” [S21:671]

Person (the) the human birth in this world is on its spiritual side a complex of two elements, a spiritual Person and a soul of personality; the former is man’s eternal being, the latter is his cosmic and mutable being. [Integral Yoga]

physical consciousness the physical mind, the physical vital as well as the body consciousness proper. [Integral Yoga]

physical nature not the body alone, but the whole physical mind, vital, material nature. [Integral Yoga]

physical self the physical conscious being; the material being; annamaya purusa. [Integral Yoga]

physical (the) the physical consciousness and body. [Integral Yoga]

physical vital the part of the vital that is turned entirely upon physical things, full of desires and greeds and seekings for pleasure on the physical plane. [Integral Yoga]

plasticity to be able to identify oneself with the Supreme in the Becoming; a suppleness necessary to receive the Supermind. [M10:115]

possession (by hostile forces) an intervention from the non-human worlds in which the hostile forces act on humans. [Integral Yoga]

Presence (the) the sense and perception of the Divine as a Being felt as present in one’s existence and consciousness or in relation with it. [Integral Yoga]

psychic of or relating to the soul (as distinguished from the mind and vital). Used in the sense of the Greek word “psyche”, meaning “soul”, the term “psychic” refers to all the movements and experiences of the soul, those which rise >from or directly touch the psychic being. It does not refer to all the more inward and all the abnormal experiences in which the mind and vital predominate; such experiences, in Sri Aurobindo’s terminology, would be called psychological (surface or occult), not psychic. [Integral Yoga]

psychic (the) psychic being; psychic essence; soul. [Integral Yoga]

psychic being the evolving soul of the individual, the divine portion in him which evolves from life to life, growing by its experiences until it becomes a fully conscious being. From its place behind the heart-centre, the psychic being supports the mind, life and body, aiding their growth and development. The term “soul” is often used as a synonym for “psychic being”, but strictly speaking there is a distinction: the soul is the psychic essence, the psychic being is the soul-personality put forward and developed by the psychic essence to represent it in the evolution. [Integral Yoga]

psychic essence the soul in its essence; the divine essence in the individual, the divine spark which supports the evolution of the being in Nature. In the course of the evolution the psychic essence grows and takes form as the psychic being. [Integral Yoga]

psychicisation (psychic transformation) the psychic change in which the psychic being comes forward to dominate the mind, vital and physical and change the lower nature. [Integral Yoga]

pulling drawing down too eagerly the divine force or a spiritual experience, instead of letting it descend quietly. [Integral Yoga]

purity freedom from soil or mixture. The divine purity is that in which there is not mixture of the turbid ignorant movements of the lower nature. [Integral Yoga]


quiet absence of restlessness or disturbance. [Integral Yoga]


Real-Idea “is a truth-perception which is self-effective; for it is the idea and will of the Spirit in direct action…” [S19:986]

realization the reception in the consciousness and the establishment there of the fundamental truths of the Divine; the making real to ourselves and in ourselves of the Self, the transcendent and universal Divine. [Integral Yoga]

Reality (the) a Truth of all existence which is greater and more abiding than all its formations and manifestations; behind the appearance of the universe is the Reality of an infinite existence, an infinite consciousness, an infinite force and will, an infinite delight of being. [Integral Yoga]

receptivity the power to receive the Divine Force and to feel its presence and allow it to work, guiding one’s sight and will and action; the capacity of admitting and retaining the divine workings. [Integral Yoga] “One may be receptive, yet externally unaware of how things are being done and of what is being done. The force works…behind the veil; the results remain packed behind and come out afterwards, often slowly, little by little” [S24:1361]

rejection rejection of the falsehood of the mental, vital and physical Powers and Appearances that still rule the earth-Nature. [Integral Yoga]

revelation is direct sight, the direct hearing or inspired memory of Truth, drsti, sruti, smrti; it is the highest experience.” [S17:89]


Self (the) the Atman, the universal Spirit, the self-existent Being, the conscious essential Existence, one in all. The Self is being, not a being; it is the original and essential nature of our existence. [Integral Yoga]

Self-knowledge the knowledge of the Self. [Integral Yoga]

sheaths the oldest Vedantic knowledge tells us of five degrees of our being, the material, the vital, the mental, the ideal, the spiritual or beatific and to each of these grades of our soul there corresponds a grade of our substance, a sheath as it was called in the ancient figurative language. [Integral Yoga]

silence freedom from thoughts and vital movements, when the whole consciousness is quite still; not only cessation of thoughts but a stillness of the mental and vital substance. [Integral Yoga]

sincerity to mean what one says, feel what one professes, be earnest in one’s will; sincerity in the sadhak means that he is really in earnest in his aspiration for the Divine and refuses all other will or impulse except the Divine’s; it means to allow no part of the being to contradict the highest aspiration towards the Divine. [Integral Yoga]

soul the psychic essence or entity, the divine essence in the individual; a spark of the Divine that comes down into the manifestation to support the evolution of the individual. In the course of the evolution, the soul grows and evolves in the form of a soul-personality, the psychic being. The term “soul” is often used as a synonym for “psychic being.” [Integral Yoga]

Spirit the Consciousness above mind, the Atman or universal Self which is always in oneness with the Divine. [Integral Yoga]

spiritual of the spirit. All contacts with the Self, the Higher Consciousness, the Divine above are spiritual. [Integral Yoga]

spiritualization the spiritual change in which there is the established descent of the divine peace, light, knowledge, power, bliss from above, the awareness of the Self and the Divine and of a higher cosmic consciousness and the change of the whole nature to that. [Integral Yoga]

spiritualised mind (gradations of) higher ranges of Mind overtopping our normal Mind and leading to Supermind; these successive states, levels or graded powers of being are hidden in our own superconscious parts. In ascending order the gradations of spiritualised mind are:

Higher Mind a luminous thought-mind whose instrumentation is through an elevated thought-power and comprehensive mental sight. In the Higher Mind one becomes constantly and closely aware of the Self, the One everywhere and knows and sees habitually with that awareness.

Illumined Mind a mind no longer of higher thought, but of spiritual light; here the clarity of the intelligence, its tranquil daylight, gives place or subordinates itself to an intense lustre, a splendour and illumination of the Spirit.

Intuitive Mind a mind of intuitive reason characterised by its intuitions, its inspirations, its swift revelatory vision, its luminous insight and discrimination; it is a kind of truth-vision, truth-hearing, truth-memory, direct truth-discernment.

Intuition a power of consciousness nearer and more intimate than the lower ranges of spiritual mind to the original knowledge by identity; it gets the Truth in flashes and turns these flashes of Truth-perception into intuitions – intuitive ideas. Intuition is always an edge or ray or outleap of a superior light. What is thought-knowledge in the Higher Mind becomes illumination in the Illumined Mind and direct intimate vision in the Intuition.

Overmind full of lights and powers, the Overmind sees calmly, steadily, in great masses and large extensions of space and time and relation, globally , it creates and acts in the same way. The Overmind is a delegate of the Supramental Consciousness, its delegate to the cosmic Ignorance. The Supramental is the total Truth-Consciousness; the Overmind draws down the truths separately and gives them a separate identity. [Integral Yoga]

spirituality “an awakening to the inner reality of our being, to a spirit, self, soul which is other than our mind, life, and body” [S19:857]

subconscient (the) the subconscient or subconscious of the individual is that submerged part of his being in which there is no waking conscious and coherent thought, will, feeling or organised reaction, but which yet receives obscurely the impressions of all things and stores them up; from it too all sorts of stimuli, of persistent habitual movements can surge up into dream or into the waking state. In the ordinary man the subconscient includes the larger part of the vital being and the physical mind and the secret body-consciousness. It is not to be confused with the subliminal: the subliminal is an inner consciousness larger than our surface existence. [Integral Yoga]

subliminal inner, not on the waking surface. [Integral Yoga]

subliminal (the) the inner being, taken in its entirety of inner mind, inner life, inner physical, with the soul or psychic entity supporting them. The subliminal in man is the largest part of his nature; it is not subconscient, but conscient and greater than the waking consciousness. The subconscient is that which is below the ordinary physical consciousness, the subliminal that which is behind and supports it. [Integral Yoga]

subtle body a subtler material existence behind our outer body which provides the substance not only of our physical but of our vital and mental sheaths. [Integral Yoga]

sunlit path (the) when the psychic being comes out in its inherent power; is usually or habitually in front; a natural spirit of faith and surrender; a bright settled faith and happy bhakti. [S24:1610, 1616, 1621]

Superconscient (the Superconscience) something above our present consciousness from which the higher consciousness comes down into the body; it includes the higher planes of mental being as well as the native heights of supramental and pure spiritual being. [Integral Yoga]

Supermind the Supramental, the Truth-Consciousness, the Divine Gnosis, the highest divine consciousness and force operative in the universe. A principle of consciousness superior to mentality, it exists, acts and proceeds in the fundamental truth and unity of things and not like the mind in their appearances and phenomenal divisions. Its fundamental character is knowledge by identity, by which the Self is known, the Divine Sachchidananda is known, but also the truth of manifestation is known because this too is that. [Integral Yoga]

surrender to consecrate everything in oneself to the Divine, to offer all one is and has, not to insist on one’s ideas, desires, habits, etc. but to allow the divine Truth to replace them by its knowledge, will and action everywhere. [Integral Yoga]

symbol the form of one plane that represents a truth of another. [Integral Yoga]


thinking mind that part of the mind proper which is concerned with ideas and knowledge in their own right; its function is to observe, inquire, understand and judge. [Integral Yoga]

trance degrees of consciousness less and less communicable to the waking mind. [Dictionary]

transformation bringing down of the higher, divine consciousness and nature into the lower nature of mind, life and body, and the replacement of the lower by the higher. [Integral Yoga]

triple transformation “First is the psychic transformation, in which all is in contact with the Divine through the individual psychic consciousness. Next is the spiritual transformation in which all is merged in the Divine in the cosmic consciousness. Third is the supramental transformation in which all becomes supramentalised in the divine gnostic consciousness.” [S22:95]

Truth-Consciousness the Supermind; the consciousness of essential truth of being (satyam), of ordered truth of active being (rtam), and the vast self-awareness (brhat) in which alone this consciousness is possible. [Integral Yoga]


veil (the) the veil of Ignorance. [Integral Yoga]

vital (the) the life-nature made up of desires, sensations, feelings, passions, energies of action, will of desire, reactions of the desire-soul of man and of all that play of possessive and other related instincts, anger, greed, lust, etc., that belong to this field of nature. The vital part of man is a true instrument only when its feelings and tendencies have been purified by the psychic touch and governed by the spiritual light and power. The vital has three main parts:

higher vital the mental vital and emotional vital taken together. The mental vital gives a mental expression by thought, speech or otherwise to the emotions, desires, passions, sensations or other movements of the vital being; the emotional vital is the seat of various feelings, such as love, joy, sorrow, hatred and the rest.

central vital or vital proper dynamic, sensational and passionate, it is the seat of the stronger vital longings and reactions, such as ambition, pride, fear, love of fame, attractions and repulsions, desires and passion of various kinds and the field of many vital energies.

lower vital made up of the smaller movements of human life-desire and life-reactions, it is occupied with small desires and feelings, such as food desire, sexual desire, small likings, dislikings, vanity, quarrels, love of praise, anger at blame, little wishes of all kinds, etc. The material vital is that part of the lower vital turned entirely upon physical things, full of desires and greeds and seekings for pleasure on the physical plane. [Integral Yoga]

vital physical the nervous part of the being, the life-force closely enmeshed in the reactions, desires, needs, sensations of the body. [Integral Yoga]

vital plane the plane connected with the life-world or desire-world, a plane in which life and desire find their untrammeled play and their easy self-expression and from there throw their influences and formations on our outer life. [Integral Yoga]


wideness the expansion of consciousness that comes when one exceeds or begins to exceed the individual consciousness and spread out toward the universal; it is felt as a great substantial vastness giving the sense of oneness free and infinite. [Integral Yoga]

will a force put upon a thing to be changed. [Integral Yoga]

Will (Divine) something that has descended here into an evolutionary world of Ignorance, standing at the back of things, pressing on the Darkness with its Light, leading things presently towards the best possible in the conditions of a world of Ignorance and leading it eventually towards a descent of a greater power of the Divine, which will not be an omnipotence held back and conditioned by the world as it is, but in full action and therefore bringing the reign of light, peace, harmony, joy, love, beauty and Ananda. [Integral Yoga]

Witness (the) the witness Purusha, a consciousness or Purusha calm and detached from the outer actions of Nature. [Integral Yoga]


  1. Definitions used are close paraphrases of Sri Aurobindo’s or the Mother’s words.
  2. Bracketed numbers with an “s” [S…..] refer to volume and page of volumes in the Sri Aurobindo Centenary Library (SABCL), 1976, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust. Bracketed numbers with an “M” [M…..] refer to the Collected Works of the Mother, 1977, Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
  3. Dictionary: Dictionary of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, compiled from the writings of M.P. Pandit, 1966 Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
  4. Integral Yoga: The Integral Yoga; Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching and Method of Practice, 1993 Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust


From <http://www.miraura.org/lit/engl.html>

“The Supermind is the divine Gnosis which creates, governs and upholds the worlds: it is the secret Wisdom which upholds both our Knowledge and our Ignorance.”The Life Divine

“The spiritual life will draw its sustenance not from desire but from a pure and selfless spiritual delight of essential existence.”The Synthesis of Yoga

Creating one of these darshan pages is like jumping into the unbounded ocean of being qualified by the specific dramatic visions and undertakings of great souls who have walked among us, or who are still spreading their divine natures to all who wish to live an awakened life. Sri Aurobindo, who lived from 1872-1950, was a political revolutionary activist early in his life and a revolutionary thinker and spiritual visionary for the greater part his adult life. He grew up and was educated in England but when he returned to Calcutta, he took up violent opposition to the British occupation of India. He spent a year in jail, where he had life-transforming visions of God. When he was released from prison, he fled south to Pondicherry, which at the time was a French enclave, with the intent to continue his political activity. It did not turn out that way. Most of his adulthood until he died in 1950 was spent in seclusion with a small group of devoted disciples as he managed his experiences of higher dimensions of reality, God-realization (in the form of Krishna), God union, and ongoing cognitions of reality beyond human consciousness, as well as the influx of divine consciousness into humanity as part of the evolution of spirit, all of which in its totality he called Integral Yoga. He wrote books, many books, which probably constitute the most inclusive model of reality around, a model which, by the way, is devoid of influence of western religion, which he knew about intimately, but which chose not to include in his written expression.

“Good grief!” as Charlie Brown used to say. I am embarrassed to have tried such a simplistic verbalization of Aurobindo’s work, but my job at the moment is just to provide a match for the reader to strike on whatever ground he or she wishes. Many grounds are provided on this page. Besides, as I move deeper into Sri Aurobindo’s consciousness, I anticipate making more precise statements. This is just for starters.

Sri Aurobindo made two major revisions to Indian spiritual thinking. First was his emphasis on the “Supermind,” which he described as the link between cosmic intelligence (sachchidananda) and human existence; it functions as the active evolutionary intelligence of all reality (I hope I got that right), as opposed to the indefinable Brahman, which is beyond being and doing. His second contribution was to reject the Indian depiction of reality as an eternal repetition of cycles of eons called yugas; he depicts human existence as part of an ever-expanding evolution of consciousness into a beyond still yet to be discovered. He wrote profound and densely packed expositions of these realities.

His companion, The Mother, became the translator of his experience and knowledge into a practical landscape, which included teaching and giving darshan, and the creation and maintenance of an Ashram in Pondicherry in southern India until her death in 1973. The Supermind is said to have “downloaded” into her in 1959. She also was the inspiration for the small, dedicated community of Auroville outside of Pondicherry which draws many visitors and seekers who come to bathe in this knowledge.

The videos below are all extraordinary. The first three are a discussion of Sri Aurobindo’s life and cosmic vision, which is delivered by a wonderfully articulate Dr. Debashish Banerjee. They are well worth a listen and will be sufficient for those who wish to take a quick dip into Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual energy and teachings.

The two videos that follow are dynamic animations of Sri Aurobindo’s cosmic vision. The visuals, music, and descriptions of these realities are a powerful immersion into Aurobindo’s full vision in a very short time. Don’t be surprised if your intuition starts flashing insights. If you want to cut to the chase and go big, go directly to “Evolution Fast Forward Part 2.” If you want to see the multi-dimensional reality of the human being and our connection to higher planes of existence, go to “Evolution Fast Forward Part 3.” One should prepare for a shift in consciousness while watching these videos. The analytical mind will not fare well.

After imbedding oneself in Sri Aurobindo’s massive cosmology, one has to ask: Is there any more the mind can do in addressing the evolution of humanity? and What does it say about the state of one’s personal evolution, if one simply passes Sri Aurobindo by? Not a light undertaking. Simple truth is: It’s not just the information or the intellectual vision. Things change inside by exposing oneself to this material. It’s so inclusive. Doors open. Consciousness seeps out of its personal boundaries into an unfamiliar vastness. Higher this or that?  It doesn’t matter. These doors don’t close. That’s all you need to know. 

My most life-altering experience of Sri Aurobindo has come in reading his major work The Life Divine. This book does not open up to the faint of heart, and those readers who approach it with no background in Indian spirituality would probably find it too daunting to undertake. Naturally, when I became aware of its challenging qualities, I dove right in thumping my chest. Things did not turn out the way I thought.

Lesson: you must learn to use the mind in a different way reading this book; you use it as a launching platform rather than as a thought processor. Think of a Saturn V rocket on the way to the moon. As you read, you find yourself drawn into a higher cognitive function where the abstract conditions, which are the characters in this life divine drama, become as real as the person sitting next to you at dinner. One’s consciousness is the life divine active within itself.

Originally, my intent was to read it beginning to end as was my predilection with books. After reading through nearly half of it in that fashion, my intent broke down. I was devastated to find that it was so hard to manage. Understanding was not a problem. It was the fact that each sentence required deep attention. Imagine a swimmer diving deep into the ocean; he can get where he wants to go but cannot stay long. In reading this book, I had to revise what it meant to “understand” something. I had to learn to dive deeper and to stay longer. Takes practice.

One morning while reading I was hit by a flash of psychic lightening which cracked open my mind as if it were a walnut, and suddenly I knew things the human mind was not structured to know. Alas, I knew them for only as long as it takes lightning to strike. After spending weeks cultivating these intuitional lightning strikes in short bursts of random reading, and having great experiences, I put The Life Divine on my bookshelf, where it rests just to my right. After all, where to go with this? Did these experiences have anything to Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga? Look at the image below. From which gradation of mind do we experience life energy, including language arising out of reading?


Approaching Sri Aurobindo and The Mother requires a willingness to submit yourself to the cosmic mind, or the “Supermind,” as they called it. It is not a warm invitation. The outer cosmos is a real place, but it is not a warm place. Once your psyche breaks through to this level of existence, all pretenses of personal spiritual accomplishment evaporate. I heard Osho say once that Sri Aurobindo wrote great books but that he was not enlightened. One crack of lightning from the Supermind into one’s small personal existence will make such a comment irrelevant and, indeed, any pretenses about enlightenment as a personal goal seem trivial, at least for as long as one is in contact with that higher consciousness space.

A day devoted to viewing the two “Evolution Fast Forward” videos and reading a chapter or two from this book can be life transforming. Be with it and things will change.

I love walking through doors through which there is no return!

All of Sri Aurobindo’s books are available as PDF files at this site:

Don’t forget to scroll down past the videos to the photo gallery.




This episode engages us in time travel. We journey back to the early 70s and stand before the wide portals to infinity that were open to those coming out of the 60s with their minds blasted by the excesses of those times. We see the choices they had to make. We experience that reality by looking at our choices now. For a fuller appreciation of time travel, read the essay blow the image; enjoy a trip into the alternate reality of Carlos Castaneda; try out the view from a mind not bound by rational thinking. Commit a couple of hours to take that journey yourself. Set up a longer journey, if all of this looks back at you with the unrelenting eyes of infinity. It’s for real if you catch on to what it means to travel in time.


Letter to Listeners: Time Travel to the Early 70s for Exploring Choices

Yesterday I sat in my doctor’s office reading Carlos Castaneda’s Journey to Ixtlan for the umpteenth time while I awaited his arrival. Tick tock. Time passes in startling ways when you are waiting with magical doorways open in your lap. The doctor’s eyes widened when he saw what I was reading. I asked him whether he had read it. “In the time,” he said,” back in the early 70s. I read all of them.” “Yes,” I responded. “The 70s were as remarkable as the 60s, especially in the choices we made.” By that time his shields had come up. “You know all that has been debunked,” he said turning his eyes to his computer. “Not to those who can still feel the magic,” I replied.


He had moved on big time, though. A wonderful chance to communicate from outside the rational mind had vanished in the blink of an eye. He saw on his computer screen that the numbers on my glucose, A1C, and weight had dropped dramatically, and he did not even make a comment. Awake physicians usually do. Progress, you know, and assessing those numbers was why I was there. But my doctor was busy time travelling back to the early 70s when he decided to go the route of the rational mind. Too late to revisit that, he must have thought. He just shored up the shielding around the choosing, made sure it wouldn’t bother him later when there was no computer screen to stare into. Never happened. It wasn’t true anyway.

So many choices to be made back then. Coming off the psychedelic haze, many of us looked around at the same crossroads Tom Hanks faced at the end of Castaway. He made choice #4 explained below. See this 30 second clip:

Laid out in inadequate language, those choices looked something like this: 1) live the traditional life of family, children and grandchildren, no questions asked, following the broad path; 2) stake out navigable territory with the rational mind (the scientist), only certain questions allowed to be asked when laying out the broad strokes; 3) lasso a personal dream from out of the infinite and live it as best you can, exploring fascinating questions as they arise; 4) take the deep inward turn to find the truth of your existence in whatever form the mysterious powers of the universe provide you, when the eyes of anyone, family or friend, might look back at you with the cold, unrelenting eyes of the infinite. I have friends who made each of these choices and are living wonderful lives all.

Most people in the 70s were never faced with these decisions. They continued sleepwalking through life as most people in all ages have done. Choices made by awakened people in any era have powerful spiritual value because their influence extends throughout all time. In time travelling back to the early 70s, we can revisit those choices made by many at that time by placing ourselves with Tom Hanks at that crossroads. Even if you were not alive in the early 70s, you can time travel to the portals that were open to infinity then, which apparently were open much wider than they are today. Time travel is the impetus of this episode of The Invisible Room Search for Enlightenment Podcast.

There is no hurry to discover infinite things unless the growl of the universe already has you by the throat, as it does me. My doctor chose to live out of the rational mind; he became a scientist, dedicated his life to helping others, like me, live a healthier life. No harm, no foul; but no magical thinking; no journeys back to the 70s to reassess. Maybe it’s too late anyway. Smash the time machine.

No, not too late, but why switch paths before the treasures of our choices are fully lived. Each of these choices leads to lives to be cherished. Imagine infinity as a clean chalkboard where we each sketch out our beliefs and desires; this but not that; earthplanet operating system imbedded in the board. And so it goes.

Infinity never goes away regardless of our choices. Where would it go? It patiently waits to step in, this lifetime or another, at just the right time to break the spell and pull you down the rabbit hole where others who made the inward turn have left a few magical clues to help you find a way into the unknown.

It’s just that the early 70s were a point in time that had so many doorways open for the fortunate few who were poised to awaken. Even if just for that moment to choose.

If you wish to continue this journey beyond listening to the podcast episode, strap in for the last Carlos Castaneda book The Active Side of Infinity (1998). Listening time 2:40. I had in mind just the last hour; that would be enough to support this podcast experience. You can find that last hour by scrubbing forward to 1:40. Listening to the whole book is, of course, more.

“If the universe is composed of aware energy and holds a multitude of assemblage points where perception can be assembled into many worlds, then our partial mastery of our one point of perception, though absolutely crucial to our survival, is a small matter indeed. If our known world is just a tiny island in a vast unknown and inconceivable universe, then the only worthy activity for us is to organize our island as our launch pad from which we explore the vast unknown.” –Peter Luce, Getting Castaneda: Understanding Carlos Castaneda


For those truly ready to fly into the unknown with Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan is a beautiful and unforgettable journey. There are many angles one might take when entering this world. Caution is recommended. In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, there were many readers who confused the reality of infinity with the reality of the concrete mind. They tucked the books under their arms and headed for Mexico to find Don Juan. They projected events in the stories outside their personal psyches into the world, where those events became for many lies and deception. In my experience of Castaneda, events in his stories refer not to events in the world but only to each other; they are exclusively about transforming one’s inner landscape. For me all of Castaneda is a self-contained narrative whose primary purpose is to radically disrupt the narrative we are locked into when we are born, which from the viewpoint of the invisible room is a lie. The most fantastic advantage for immersing oneself into these stories, however, is that they become in toto a discrete, quantum event in the psyche with distinct boundaries drawn around it, which can be apperceived as mystical revelation from the clear, unbounded space of infinity. It is your creation in your psyche; it is not the Self. This material, however, is very powerful magic if you are awake enough to transcend its mental allure! No tickets available for the rational mind or the foolhardy.


Only Castaneda knew Castaneda. He led a very strange and reclusive life. His truth was a sorcerer’s truth, and he invited no one in to share it. How could one expect otherwise? For a deeper plunge into this rabbit hole, read The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Amy Wallace.  It is a space with many mirrors and many more rabbit holes to dive into. And many opportunities to feel yourself a fool. If you get this far, there really is no return.

My invitation to experience the reality of Carlos Castaneda is to assist anyone wanting to unhook from the dark narrative of the world we live in so as to take that inward turn. What occurs on this page is a gust of wind in the right direction, a friend and ally from the mountains and deserts of Mexico for your journey into the unknown. Adjust your sails and let go.









It is a mysterious trek through life that impels us to remain imbedded in the mass consciousness and at the same time be ready to heed a mysterious call from some unknown source which if ignored will default us into laying down our lives without any notion of the astonishing realities that lie outside the thinking mind. Deep inside we can feel a clock ticking its way to the end of things. Stepping outside the door of our personal existence onto a pathway leading away from earth consciousness is daunting. Once we know that the door to the outside is open and that the unending journey to the “far north” is the real journey, we face a challenge of making our personal lives work while dancing on the inside to a music that does not have death as a boundary.