A Zen story that caught and continues to hold my attention goes like this: A Zen student and his master are washing up after dinner in the monastery. The young student looks at his master and declares: “Master, we are so free! What shall we do after cleaning these dishes?” The Master turns to him and replies: “Where shall we look?”

Implied in this story are many degrees and depths of freedom. One could do worse than contemplate the sense of what is going on between the Master and his student, especially the implications about our attention in our day to day lives and who has claim upon it. Even more important, I believe, than the debate about free will, there is the question of how our attention is controlled and what actual free attention we have. What does one do with attention not coopted by commercial, political, and religious interests? Perhaps it is no revelation to assert that our attention is not our own, that we are imprisoned inside the mass consciousness in a cell no larger than the amount of free attention we have to work with in our awakening process.

For our awakening to move forward, we need to use our attention, our greatest spiritual tool, to bring light-filled influences into our inner landscape so that those influences ultimately overthrow the influence of the dark consciousness that dominates humanity today. We do this or continue in the fixed loop of living meaningless lives, dying, returning to live more meaningless lives, thousands of times until this proportion changes. You don’t believe this? Fine, you declare to yourself just what is going on. Free attention is the welcome platform upon which divine intent works. Now is when awakening happens.


As active human beings in the world, we need to know many things; indeed, there seems to be no end of things to know in order to succeed in life. Those whose lives are based on a dearth of worldly knowledge live contracted lives. We see this all around in every country, including “rich” countries. These people only the heart can help, and as we all know, there is a dearth of heart in the world. Life continues like this within the thinking mind indefinitely unless there is some intervention.

There is another way of knowing reality, which I call in this episode direct cognition of the mysteries of existence. Knowledge of the invisible room, the absolute spirit, the original condition–this knowledge is a fundamental knowledge for integrating the human experience into the flow of life in the cosmos. In this episode, I delve deeply into this kind of knowing for those whom I refer to as “long distance thinkers,” those whose thought streams have escaped the delusions of the mass consciousness. The problems of the world will always be there absent direct knowledge of the absolute spirit. Many do their part to help from where they know these deeper things. This episode is expressly dedicated to the long distance thinkers of the world, whether they hear these particular words or not.


It is a rare breed of human being, almost as rare as the snow leopard, who aligns his or her life with the silent waves of spirit that arise eternally out of the unknown. These waves, of course, are the divine intelligence manifesting the cosmos out its deep mystery. By the time those streams of divine intelligence coalesce into you and me, we have forgotten the source of all that we know and see, and therefore wander the landscape of our personal living lost to the knowledge, which when discovered, creates an unassailable foundation to the awesome fact of one’s existence.

Who wishes to hear the secrets of existence transmitted directly into one’s consciousness? Surely, the divine intelligence will find a way into the psyche of one who wishes to know life in this way. The internal hearing which brings knowledge of the infinite does not arise out of books, though the reading of certain texts can stimulate the spirit to rise and touch our conscious knowing. That which is known as reality rises out of the ocean of being and reaches human consciousness through the internal sense of “hearing,” which means direct knowing.

The ancient seers of India called this hearing of reality shruti. For millennia the Sanskrit term shruti has meant two things: direct cognition of reality through hearing, and the written texts that represent those cognitions, the most prominent of which are the Upanishads. The most famous commentary on the Upanishads is the Brahma Sutras by Shankara, whose stated purpose was to integrate the disparate, aspected angles taken on reality by the seers who composed the Upanishads over centuries into the irreducible singularity of Brahman.

Historically, these ancient seers have been seen as the cognizers of the ultimate reality, the thing finally to be settled upon as the beyond-which-there-is-nothing-more-to-be-or-know, the final texts of which revelations have been designated forever as that. These texts, however, were not meant to designate finality. Texts themselves are forever separate from the gaze of the seers, which has never been available to the gaze of history. The ancient texts and teachings were not records of cognitions to be passed on to posterity; they were and are tools used by Shankara and others today to awaken their disciples into superconscious states in order that they might participate in events eternally occurring in the primordial substrates of the cosmos. Those seers were then and are now hybrid beings, human beings transformed into cosmic seers through the agency of a vanguard of unmanifested seed urges (cosmic DNA) sweeping into this plane of existence from otherwhere, probing particular human beings in order to see if those lives can be adapted to their particular impulses of the primordial urge.

Today many more waves of these quantum beings, each a unique matrix of the divine “scrum,” are again entering human consciousness, evaluating the spiritual states of particular individuals, calling upon many to embark upon an advanced track in human evolution, a track successfully established (ropes laid) thousands of years ago by the ancient seers, and offering their seed vibrations as inexhaustible creation material for those who wish to project their unique existence into the beyond.

In the blood and soil of the Earth today, divinely fired creator beings are being generated as probes into these higher planes of existence. Through the cognitions of ancient and modern seers, the evolution of the human race is now directly linked into the eternal evolution of the cosmos and responds directly to the quivering waves of divine mystery that move existence forward in the unknown.

Whisperings are occurring now in the corridors of eternity. To hear the whisperings embedded in the words written here is shruti today. What you hear in this way is what you know.

I consider The Invisible Room Podcast to be shruti today. What arises in me out of the unknown finds passage into the world through the agency of my thinking mind and the technology of the day. The audios are spontaneous and lack the smooth literary structures of the magnificent “shruti” that are the apex of Vedic literature. The true value of what transpires in the spoken material of the podcast is the stimulating effect it might have on the psyches of those who have turned to listen, true listening, of course, being the listening to the waves of mystery rising from deep within their personal knowing.

On the deepest levels of knowing, true shruti never arises out of the original self-existent condition, and those who cognize pristinely at this level of interior penetration, who know this whispering for what it is, move on into an eternity which has no-thing by which to know the nature of its journey:

A whisper swirls itself into an ear to hear what it is saying.


Why talk about the subject that nobody will ever understand and only rarely accept? Death is an event everybody seeks to avoid. Civilization as a whole seeks to avoid it; medical science seeks to banish it. Do you choose to march in that mass fear and ignorance? Or do you choose to turn around and approach death as a knowledge that will bring infinite intelligence to bear on how you live your life? That turning is what this episode seeks to accomplish for those who enter their invisible rooms and know the reality at the core of all things.


This episode includes two twelve minute chants, the audios of which are available below: the first is the original Sanskrit version; the second is an English rendering prepared by me using the original translations. The show notes offer an explanation of the value of those chants and how they connect with the work of this podcast and website.

The Lord Krishna and Maha-Vishnu Exultation Page is directed toward opening the deeper regions of one’s heart and connecting one with Krishna on all planes of existence, all of which intersect the earth. The greatest value of incarnating as a human being is that all dimensions of existence, personal and cosmic, intersect with human consciousness. Human incarnation is the most cherished form of existence within the universe for that reason. A human being fully flowered is the creation for which all the universe awaits. Krishna is lord of all dimensions of existence, within, outward, and beyond, where there are no names or forms. To know Lord Krishna is to invite in unfathomable knowledge, bliss, and divine consciousness. All passageways into the beyond come through Lord Krishna.

On this page, you will have access to all the Krishna material on The Invisible Room for Exploring the Unknown website. These include two particular audios of the podcast: “Ep 45 Krishna’s Flute and Love’s Stand as it Disappears into the Infinite” and “Ep 65 A Conversation with Lord Krishna.” Other materials include bibliographical listings of books about Lord Krishna, and texts of chants which I have recorded for this episode.

The material recorded for this episode is taken from the Sri Brahma-Samhita, translated into English and commented upon by His Divine Grace Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Gosvami Thakura. This text is profound and very advanced. It would take lifetimes of engagement just to open some of the doors that resonate in this text. I have adapted a few stanzas for my personal work, some of which I am sharing with listeners of this podcast. The English translation of these verses is mine based upon the translated material provided by His Divine Grace. I have used this English wording in order to provide a greater connection with the language of this podcast and to make possible a more rhythmic measure for accessing the Krishna viewpoints imbedded in the material. In my renderings, nothing has been lost.

The audios using the Sri Brahma-Samhita material are useful for cracking, indeed smashing, through the indoctrinated mind, for spreading one’s consciousness into other planes of existence, and for attracting cosmic beings to assist in advancing one’s spiritual evolution. Fully engaging this material is not for the faint of heart. Only the committed will make progress in pushing aside the intense resistance to the passage of this energy from the absolute spirit into one’s consciousness. This resistance is part of one’s experience of these verses. Feel it; resistance is both important and necessary. For fullest effects, these verses would be chanted along with the recording and eventually chanted without the recording, when the divine energy will have become fully established within one’s psyche. Imagine it! Simply chanting along with the text would provide a powerful, ecstatic cry to the universe that you are available for greater spiritual advancement. Not that one should underestimate the value of just listening!

The background music is A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabupada chanting the Sri Brahma-Samhita.

Each verse of these chants takes a particular viewpoint of knowing Lord Krishna. Establishing the vibrations of each of these viewpoints within one’s consciousness would make possible the opening of many thousands more viewpoints for many lifetimes beyond this one. A Krishna lifetime is a particular existence with a particular matrix of ecstatic self-knowing as a life core for individual living. The revelation of the statements made here comes only with chanting, not thinking or studying. Thus is Lord Krishna.

IMG_1804 (2)





Chant One: The Sanskrit version (12 min)

ishvara paramah krishna

sachchidananda vigraha

anadir adir govinda

sarva-karana-karanam (1)


evam jyotir-mayo devah

sat-anandah parat parah

atmaramasy tasyasti

prakritya na samagamah (6)


praty-andam evam ekamshad

ekamshad vishati svayam

sahasra-murdha vishvatma

maha-vishnu sanatanah (14)


Krishna deer 2

Chant Two: The English version (12 min)

Krishna is Lord Supreme.

There is nothing beyond Lord Krishna.

Mental or material, in this world or another,

He is consciousness-bliss-absolute.

He is the uncreated source of all things,

Infinite, unbounded, the cause of all causes.

Through Krishna, all things are put into motion,

Sustained, and destroyed.

Thus is Lord Krishna. (1)


In his transcendental state,

Lord Krishna exists within himself as pure ecstasy,

Absolute bliss supreme.

Krishna unto Himself is all transcendental knowing,

No consciousness, no mind, no source of anything.

Within the infinite planes of existence,

There are no created realms within his notice.

Thus is Lord Krishna! (6)


Krishna, the divine source of all things,

Is in fact Maha-Vishnu,

Who enters into each of His creations as Himself,

As thousand-headed upon thousand-headed Vishnu,

Each head the Supersoul of its universe.

Each universe unto itself is Vishnu;

All of it is Maha-Vishnu,

Maha-Vishnu eternal.

Thus is Lord Krishna! (14)


Important Texts About Krishna

The Bhagavad-Gita translated and commentary by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabupada

Krishna The Supreme Personality of Godhead by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabupada

The Bhagavad-Gita (chapters 1-6) translated and commentary by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The Bhagavad-Gita translated and commentary by Stephen Mitchell

The Complete Life of Krishna by Vanamali


Podcast Audios of Lord Krishna

Ep 45 Krishna’s Flute and Love’s Stand as it Disappears into the Infinite

Ep 65 A Conversation with Lord Krishna



If you can pitch your tent on the event horizon of the cosmic “I”, the “black hole,” the roiling waters of pure existence always bursting forth into creation; those primal waters emerging from their unknown source into your consciousness, moving in and out like a tide, teaching you about what it is, sometimes grabbing you out of your mist-saturated tent and carrying you into unfathomable vistas of existence; here, this, you, knowing with infinite knowing . . . learning how to travel on and beyond.

Light body 1


shiva worshipper

What do we think about from day to day, alas, from moment to moment? The younger we are the greater the co-opting of our thoughts by sex, greed, the coveting of things we do not have, and the myriad of intoxicating sensations we crave. In this mode of thinking, we have barely lifted our heads above animal instincts. Two dogs doing it in the parking lot. My body is who I am.

Waves of spiritual knowledge and transcendence rarely make inroads into these streams of thinking. Unfortunately, most human beings, regardless of their age, have yet to rise above this kind of existence. Even those who have aspired to a life of spiritual awakening often slip off to the side and lay down the challenges of higher consciousness in favor of comfortable living, believing that a stress-free life buoyed up by a collection of acceptable beliefs is the goal of human aspiration. These high vibrational sleepwalkers are as much asleep in their complacency as those whose noses are still sniffing the ground.

The stark reality of things is that human beings are not here for sensory gratification or building intellectual interpretations of how things are. From outside the cocoons of our personal living, waves of absolute knowing move through the cosmos as the most impenetrable of mysteries taking with them those awakened souls who have prepared their inner landscapes for the shedding of their thought-cocoons and facing the unknown. Eventually these transcendental waters will inundate the earth bringing to an end the sad story of humanity. Evolution is a tide that does not fall, and only mighty ships will be able to sail these seas. One needs to be awake to have a chance. Building such an ark for transcendence is why we exist. You might have figured it out by now that it’s just you and the divine intelligence at work to prepare for what is to come. Even if you cannot hear it, there is a cosmic clock in the cosmos and it is ticking.

This episode of The Invisible Room Podcast is about getting our priorities straight and checking out designs for transforming a thought stream into an ark suitable for riding the waves of transcendence into the unknown.