“Only rare individuals have the strength to take a large immediate plunge straight into the sea of the Divine Infinity. Some therefore must choose as a starting point a concentration in thought or contemplation or the mind’s one-pointedness to find the eternal reality of the Self in them.” –Sri Aurobindo The Synthesis of Yoga

All forms of the divine, whether they originate in the history of the race, or in the deep imagination of a culture, or from the swirl of ideas in the wash of time—all so consecrated forms are gestures of the one Absolute Spirit, impulses of the Infinite intelligence toward the awaking of that single individual who has turned head and heart in the direction of that truth. All other considerations aside, the seeker of God receives what he or she needs in the way of ascending to the path of truth, from which, through the faith and longing in the heart, there is no return, only eternal unfoldment.


Such a form is Lord Shiva. Worshipped for thousands of years through art, stories, chants, mantras, sutras, ceremony, pilgrimage, and face-on-the-floor surrender, this form of God is a doorway into the infinite for any individual willing to walk through it. Shiva brings his own gifts to the heart he floods with illumination. Divinity specific to this form is a storehouse of revelation. Satchitananda is his home. His earthly abode is atop Mt. Kailash in western Tibet. I know. I have visited the sacred mountain and circumambulated its base. I have touched the north face with mortal hands and have ridden the wave of inner transformation that has led me to this moment. Lord Shiva knows me and I Him. He is the essence of meditation, which is a dive into infinite silence, into consciousness without a thought, into existence before consciousness. I have meditated tens of thousands of hours at his feet. To know Shiva is to be awake to the Absolute. His image is fierce because making the inward turn takes courage that can only deity can provide. Cutting through the waves of infinity is serious business. Shiva is also infinite intelligence. His dance covers the entire cosmos. And, yes, too, “I am Shiva! Lord of Death!”. Om namah Shivia  Om namah Shivia  Om namah Shivia


Caution is always advised when moving in the direction of the Infinite. A deity worshipped with an open and sincere heart acts as much as a protector as a revealer. On your own is not a safe passage; often the infinite roars like a giant waterfall getting louder as one clutches helplessly to one’s raft. What to do? A steady ascending passage is the gift of the Divine through the chosen deity. Such a deity is not a savior, but the divine uplift inherent in the spirit woven into the mind and heart of the awakening soul. The sadguru will bring the deity to life. Your Higher Self will guide you in its use.

The chant presented here is called the Shiva Gayatri. Gayatri is a rhythm, one of the most ancient rhythms of awakening in the human race. It was the most used by the ancient seers of the Rig Veda. All Gayatri mantras today use that rhythm and several key words. I have underlined those key words in the text below. The original Gayatri Mantra was an offering to the Solar Lord of this system and is the oldest known mantra in existence. It has been rendered today by many devotional singers. Devi Premal has recorded many Hindu devotional chants, the most beloved of which, I believe, is the original Gayatri Mantra. This audio is of me chanting the Shiva Gayatri for ten minutes:

Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe

Mahadevaya Dhimahi

Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat

Om, Let me meditate on the great Purusha,

Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect,

And let God Rudra illuminate my mind

 Purusha = the divine self, the invisible room, the indefinable;

Rudra = an ancient name for Shiva


The advantage of taking up a form of worship from outside of one’s home culture is that you can consciously determine how much of the cultural overlay you wish to participate in. The question is how much “debris” do you wish to row your evolutionary boat through on the way to infinity, where all forms burn up in the fire of life? In the privacy of my heart, I can feel the divinity of Jesus, but I would not proclaim that feeling to any others in my world without risking being defined in a way that I know I am not. Think of the mantra above as a tool, one of many possible tools, in this metaphor as an oar; think of the boat as your personal self; think of the river as the evolutionary movement in which your boat moves. When your boat begins moving on its own inexorably toward the goal, no need for the oar. Eventually no need for the boat. I believe in keeping it simple. Feel what it is. Touch the mystery of existence. Touch the mystery of you. The image above is my worship for you to see. The image below is my inner journey for you to see.






Everything on The Invisible Room Search for Enlightenment Podcast and on the website is designed to do two things: first, to infuse in listeners and readers the certitude that God is real; and second, to open doors so that one might experience dramatic shifts in point of view from the human experience to the point of view of God, the divine self, the absolute, your invisible room. Both of these transformations are possible. Divine intent, of course, determines everything.

I have made two uses of the Fire of Life Oracle on this site. I use them on “The Sweet Voice of Prayer” audio for the purpose of making deep openings in the heart so that the listener’s voice of prayer might arise. Embracing these deep currents of the heart will bring one closer to the original fire of love, the silent mystery behind the veil that cannot be lifted. Standing before that veil, one simply knows; one simply bows down. Listening to  04 Flame of Love Initiation will go a long way to opening up one’s psyche to these levels of love divine.

The second use I make of these prayers is an oracle, a strategy for making a deep plunge into the ocean of being and adopting the viewpoint of the divine itself as it seeks to merge with its human lover. The lyrical expressions are the voices of human longing as it feels the divine presence. The commentaries take you right into the infinite. They are the voice of the divine without any expected qualifications of what that voice or being might be. There is deep understanding in the commentaries, but the viewpoint itself is nothingness, the divine, the unformed spirit. Ultimately it is you.

Instructions for its use as an oracle and demonstrations of how they sound when read are given on the audio for this episode.

The Invisible Room Fire of Life Oracle

The Sweet Voice of Prayer

The Invisible Room Self-Awakening Process 

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The Invisible Room, your divine Self, is infinitely deep. You and I exist on an infinitesimal wave of its knowing, learning to locate and accept that infinity when it decides that it is time for us to know, one person at a time, through the eons, and hopefully one day the race as a whole. It’s not an easy acknowledgement to make when we have been programmed to see the world through the darkened lens of the rational mind. But here we are.

These four audios were created for deep penetration outside the veils that shelter us from infinity. Our desire to know arises directly out of infinity, and if you want to travel into the deep mystery right off, these instruments will point you in directions you never heard of.

The Sweet Voice of Prayer

Keys for Travel into the Deep Mystery

The Deep Mystery Guided Meditation

Enlightenment and Naught



The images and words here exist primarily to delight the soul. There are personal stories, pictures of great beings who have given themselves to humanity for its uplifting, and even the final couple of minutes of a unique 1950s Sci-Fi movie, words that will stay with you if you enter into its consciousness. A good time will be had by all.  

Portraits of Cosmic Consciousness Gallery 1

Portraits of Cosmic Consciousness Gallery 2

Video Narratives of Cosmic Consciousness

The Final Words of the Incredible Shrinking Man


The Invisible Room Podcast is about generating a psychic motion inside the mind that carries listeners through the many mental, emotional, and physical layers of our existence to come upon a reality of pure spirit, the divine self, Atman, Nirvana, the Buddha-nature, or God if you wish, or the invisible room, the real place, the truth place, the center of the maelstrom. That passage is, to my mind, the truth of our human existence, the thing we do when we wake up from the insistent story-telling of the mass consciousness and the dark resistance put up against those who seek to step outside the well-guarded norms of social, religious, and political beliefs. Something inside us is real! Locating that reality in how we live our confused and tortured lives is the challenge of existence, for beneath even the simplest quotidian activities, there is an inherent anxiety about the place we occupy in the universe and the astonishing lack of knowledge of who we are as human beings and where we are going as our lives unfold, not to mention the destiny of the race. You stand alone and the more awake you are, the more alone you are. The unknown is unrelenting in its power to generate existential anxiety.


Deeper still is the anxiety that arises out of the structure of human consciousness, which creates a separation between an inner knowing being and an outer world that is existentially experienced as a not-self reality, something alien, and something inherently dangerous. The anxiety generated by that gap is the stuff of human living, and the challenge of religious and spiritual dominions is to overcome that crisis either through a radical restructuring of our consciousness (e.g., Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhism) or through a compensation for the alien other by creating out of it a particular loving other, a saint, savior, deity, guru, or God that will make it all okay (all other religion).


Regardless of whether one is religious or not, every human being faces from moment to moment these crises of the unknown and the unknowable as an ongoing anxiety out of which all other anxieties arise. For most human beings this anxiety is a deadening hum arising out of the infinite.

So how to deal with this anxiety in this podcast and in the awakenings represented in the stories, images, and darshan pages on the website? And who are these people anyway? What appears here are some gestures for moving forward with that kind of knowledge. Take it as it is. Being awake means taking responsibility for the situation you are in, which manifests in the intense longings that arise in the heart, mind, and body, urging you to do something, even if the person next to you has no idea.

Tuning in to the one real voice inside of us is the only chance we have for approaching this anxiety with courage.

If you want to define this anxiety as arising from separation from God, feel free. In the west, it’s the norm. The exile of Adam and Eve from Eden for committing a crime against God is the dominant story in western consciousness. This story has turned western civilization into a morality play of crime, punishment, and redemption, which is being acted out behind every door in every home and office, and in every public forum, including in, especially, the mass media. The Old Testament is the life of separation-from-God anxiety lived by the guilty descendants of Adam and Eve, struggling from generation to generation on the way to some undefined redemption, or acceptance of the simple belief that being Jewish is enough. The New Testament represents the opportunity to live life free of that anxiety by inviting in Jesus to pay the fine arising from our de facto guilt, paving the way to an anxiety free afterlife. The question here, of course, is whether the real Jesus can be freed from imprisonment in the dungeons of the mass consciousness to affect personal redemption, not to mention the mass uplifting of believers into his eternal presence in an afterlife. Two thousand years of absence and counting. The same is true for Mohammad and Moses within their respective cultures. The overall failure of western and eastern religions to alleviate human ignorance and suffering after thousands of years of applying that “software,” to human pain and longing should be apparent to anyone willing to look up and assess. From within those institutions, however, no self-diagnostics are allowed. Self and other remains self and other, unredeemed and still looking. Perhaps nature has a plan. Perhaps God has a plan. Perhaps there are better odds here than drawing to an inside strait.

Tuning in to the one real voice inside of us is the only chance we have for approaching this anxiety with courage.

 Synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

 Book of Secrets by Osho

 Bhagavad Gita trans. by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi




Once we get out of the legalistic and politically-driven questions about what is true, the question of how do we know what we know swims into view. The lower mind, the vibration of mind through which we perceive and understand the world, the mind of the mass consciousness, gives us very limited knowledge about what reality is. To live exclusively out of the lower mind is to life in the fake-reality. Knowledge generated out of the higher mind reveals much more about the nature of the universe as a spiritual event and brings us into closer contact with the divine intelligence that governs all things in the cosmos, including you and me specifically.

This episode is highly influenced by my readings of Sri Aurobindo, especially The Life Divine, which is a breathtaking but challenging opus of spiritual knowledge composed over an entire lifetime. A visit to the Sri Aurobindo Darshan Page would be a supportive experience to this audio, which is about how the higher mind experiences eventually lead us to coming under the influence of the Supermind, as Sri Aurobindo refers to the divine intelligence running the universe.





What a wonderful moment it is when the world stops generating noise long enough for one of those life-altering questions to arise for real in one’s consciousness. What might one of those be? Who am I? What am I doing here? Is any of this real? Does God exist? What happens when I die? And can I generate one of those moments myself without waiting for it? What about the knowing presence? What about God?

The process described here might be engaged for the purpose of opening a clean and clear space inside where some degree of awakening just might happen. No promises. Listening regularly to the podcast audios might generate some degree of awakening. No promises. This process is something I do as an extension of my daily sadhana (spiritual practice). It’s real; it’s intimate; it brings out the deepest personal part of me and more.

This process begins with an inquiry: what would happen if suddenly you felt the overwhelming presence of God? I cannot be a predictor of what might happen to any individual in such a situation, but my sense of moments like these, which I have experienced on several occasions, is that whoever you think you are, whatever you believe about life and God and the other side, your core stuff will just spill out all over your mind as when a spigot is turned wide open from your deepest personal insides, no secrets, no hidden agendas, it will all just be there; the you that you think you are at that moment will be there. You will likely get nothing but silence for the divine end of that “conversation.” No matter, no need for more. As the presence fades, you will begin your own assessment of the thing you think you are.

Without waiting for such a moment, which may never come to any given person as described above, we can instead imagine such a moment and write out what might “spill out” of our minds were we to be in the presence. In fact, what we are attempting here is to attract that presence to you. Have spirit drop the veils. See how you handle infinity. This exercise, which would be ongoing, indeed, it might be ongoing for a lifetime, and which thrives on an open and sincere heart, is designed to generate that intimacy with the divine other, God, the Absolute, Spirit, the Invisible Room, in your heart. It is my belief that this “conversation” is eternally ongoing deep within, and you are learning to make your way inward to where that “conversation” is taking place in eternity. That would be the stated goal. Again no promises. Since we are always in the presence of the divine other and considering that there is no place where it is not, by simply turning our attention to that reality we are attempting to clear a place in our psyches for that intimacy to manifest itself as real. And to grow. Or so that is the intent.

writing with word processor

Constructing Such a Moment

  1. With what name would one address that presence? A designation makes it real in the terms available to you now. Write it down. Dear so and so. Friend, lover, judge, teacher, guru, sage, savior, ancestor, who does it feel like as you open this moment sitting in front of your computer writing? As you continue this exercise over time, this designation might change as you regularly edit this moment.
  2. What is it you want out of your life? Be honest. Material things? Job? Bed partner? Money? A spiritual practice? Answers to some of the big questions about existence? What is real to you at this moment? No one is looking over your shoulder except the presence that already knows everything about you. And I mean everything! The things you hide are the things you hide from yourself (your shadow self). The judgments you have are coming from you. Be open. Let it flow. As you continue this exercise over time, these needs and inquiries might change as you regularly edit this moment and as you are more willing to take on the more shadowy aspects of your personal existence. No predictions. Wow! The possibilities!
  3. How to keep this moment from becoming a list of desires? Just keep writing, let it flow out, get out of your rational mind; repetition is inevitable as the psyche moves inward, like following the inward spin of a maelstrom; you return to the same place only deeper. At some point spirit takes over. You should gain energy working this exercise; if you start losing energy, time to stop. Remember to whom you are addressing this flow in your consciousness.
  4. Save it to the desktop. Just a double click and there it is again. Visit often, edit, rewrite, make it real every moment you visit it. Never delete or start from scratch. Why? Because it is real at the outset. I visit mine every day. I make changes every day.

It is almost inevitable at first that you will feel self-conscious about this process. Even if it feels phony, it is still real. With regular attention to the moment, the feeling that it is not real will gradually dissipate. Think about it. This moment becomes every moment. How can it not be real?

The key to gaining value from this exercise is to visit the moment regularly. Let it come. Be an editor. Feel the waves of truth rising from the depths. Ride those waves as they arise during the day. Be true. Enjoy.

“Now it is time to sit quiet, face to face with thee, and to sing dedication of life in this silent and overflowing leisure.” –Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali Chapter 5

The picture above is of a friendly sadhu, who beckons you to awake! Create your own reality!

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