[Although the audio says this episode is 07, it is actually 06.]

After the profound discoveries of the two Invisible Room Initiations, this episode brings a deep integration with one’s undefined self. The world of the invisible room and the manifest universe outside the door take on new significance when seen as a whole. Within the invisible room, new intentions form about whether to take deeper excursions into the quantum cosmos, or to position one’s outer life for receiving an incursion of one’s divine source and center as self within one’s individual life. Actually we will do both, but for now the initial conditions are set up whereby one can consider trading one’s unresolvable karmic life of endless confusions, lifetime after lifetime, for life as a godbeing, filled with the wonder of expressing god-realities, original questions about reality that will have a chance to walk in the world–in your life. A major realization. We will have much opportunity for practicing such a walk in later podcasts, but now we must make a major decision and ask a major question: Hide in the personal story, or walk alive and awake in the world with the whole universe taking note? And, by the way, who decides?

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Whether asked from within the invisible room or asked when one is out in the world, the question, “Quo vadis? Where are you going?”, should stop one in one’s tracks. It only takes a few small steps outside the matrix of scientific, social, and religious indoctrinations to know that our true self, the self that self-exists and knows no boundaries, can choose what life it wants to live. What moves the will of an awake person? All human beings can step out of that haze of confusion and fear and take up the bounty of an awakened life. Only when one is awake, can one make choices free of the intimidating influence of a deluded collective consciousness. Where are you going? Ask that question as a being who is astonished to exist in such a marvelous universe and ready to explore the unknown.

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The two parts of this episode were recorded a week apart. There is some overlap in the content, but together they are a marvelous introduction to the depth and wonder of the invisible room. When coming into the invisible room for the first time, one is overwhelmed by the inadequacy of language to indicate its reality. Words fail and yet they are useful if infused with the spirit energy within the room. We come into this room and leave our personal lives at the door in order to have a real experience of our divine source and center unclouded by the fears, doubts, and the uncertainties of personal living. When we realize that the invisible room is our own source of guidance for choices made and goodness recognized and beauty seen and felt, the value of having that direct experience becomes deeply understood. How we choose to name this inner reality depends upon how we respond to our experience of it. On the website, there is a list of often used designations for spirit, God, the higher self, etc. The experience of the invisible room (as I refer to it in this podcast), of course, brings no names to bear. Only the mind seeks to give it a name, for it is the mind that seeks to define the world and keep us bound into the indoctrinations that have left human consciousness so constricted that happy, prosperous and evolutionary lives are almost impossible to live.

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