Once we get out of the legalistic and politically-driven questions about what is true, the question of how do we know what we know swims into view. The lower mind, the vibration of mind through which we perceive and understand the world, the mind of the mass consciousness, gives us very limited knowledge about what reality is. To live exclusively out of the lower mind is to life in the fake-reality. Knowledge generated out of the higher mind reveals much more about the nature of the universe as a spiritual event and brings us into closer contact with the divine intelligence that governs all things in the cosmos, including you and me specifically.

This episode is highly influenced by my readings of Sri Aurobindo, especially The Life Divine, which is a breathtaking but challenging opus of spiritual knowledge composed over an entire lifetime. A visit to the Sri Aurobindo Darshan Page would be a supportive experience to this audio, which is about how the higher mind experiences eventually lead us to coming under the influence of the Supermind, as Sri Aurobindo refers to the divine intelligence running the universe.



Sri Anandamayi Ma was born knowing she was in union with God. She grew up knowing she was in union with God. Eventually everyone around her knew she was in union with God. During much of her early life, she would go into samadhi for hours or days at a time. She told others she was never born as her body though her physical presence (1896-1982) was a response, as she said, for a renewal of divine love in a world lost in its materiality. Ma did not leave a body of teachings; in fact, most of her recorded voice consists of answering questions during satsang sessions or chanting mantras in divine ecstasy. The videos below contain these elements of her darshan. The first is a semi-traditional documentary giving some of the ordinary facts of her life; in this video the shakti builds dramatically. The other two videos are almost purely divine energy. Most of the darshan comes through the images of her; some comes through the exquisite singing; the rest comes from one’s own divine source. Don’t forget to enjoy the portrait gallery of images of Ma. Divine shakti is what it is, what you and I are; there is nothing else. Best recommendation is to listen to all three in one sitting. About 45 minutes.





A hermit in the context of the invisible room is one who lives alone, not just from the activities of the world, but from the world as a whole. Years of meditation and a long life exploring many angles of entering spirit can leave one looking out the door more than walking through it. A life lived in the spirit is a life lived alone. Love plays a vital role in keeping the world as a balancing experience for one in whom the spirit has raised its infinite head. The world, love, the spirit. The garb of a hermit.

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The deepest mystery of life is present and stirring inside of us in the silence of the invisible room. Outside the invisible room, what we know of ourselves in our daily walk is a brief flicker of awareness, like the flame of a candle with a very short wick in a drafty room, while just beneath the surface, the grand drama of existence is playing itself out on manifold planes of existence by magnificent beings who have assumed the mantle of cosmic explorers. In this guided meditation, we take the deep dive. We push aside the veils, look around, and say, “So, this is what’s going on! This is who I am!” [from Ep 12]


[Although the audio says this episode is 07, it is actually 06.]

After the profound discoveries of the two Invisible Room Initiations, this episode brings a deep integration with one’s undefined self. The world of the invisible room and the manifest universe outside the door take on new significance when seen as a whole. Within the invisible room, new intentions form about whether to take deeper excursions into the quantum cosmos, or to position one’s outer life for receiving an incursion of one’s divine source and center as self within one’s individual life. Actually we will do both, but for now the initial conditions are set up whereby one can consider trading one’s unresolvable karmic life of endless confusions, lifetime after lifetime, for life as a godbeing, filled with the wonder of expressing god-realities, original questions about reality that will have a chance to walk in the world–in your life. A major realization. We will have much opportunity for practicing such a walk in later podcasts, but now we must make a major decision and ask a major question: Hide in the personal story, or walk alive and awake in the world with the whole universe taking note? And, by the way, who decides?

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Whether asked from within the invisible room or asked when one is out in the world, the question, “Quo vadis? Where are you going?”, should stop one in one’s tracks. It only takes a few small steps outside the matrix of scientific, social, and religious indoctrinations to know that our true self, the self that self-exists and knows no boundaries, can choose what life it wants to live. What moves the will of an awake person? All human beings can step out of that haze of confusion and fear and take up the bounty of an awakened life. Only when one is awake, can one make choices free of the intimidating influence of a deluded collective consciousness. Where are you going? Ask that question as a being who is astonished to exist in such a marvelous universe and ready to explore the unknown.

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no one but me

The ocean of being is not just infinite, it knows. What we know as individuals cannot be known without the knowing that the infinite ocean of being is. It exists. It knows. The universe in all its different dimensions, including the world we live in, can only be known through its knowing. We know things. The original knower is infinite and unbounded in its knowing. Our experiences of knowing are bound into mental and sensory phenomena; thus, we are never aware of the existence of the original being and its original knowing. Unless, of course, one spends extended time in the invisible room.

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What follows below are items of thought that show up regularly in the audios. Not to be intimidated. Sit back and listen. The experience has nothing to do with understanding terms or philosophies.

Absolute reality undefined;

Awakening realizing the truth of how things are

Awareness the original undefined thing; knowing before knowing something

Brahman a term from Vedanta referring to the undefined totality viewpoint

Buddhas of Pure Existence the original inquiry by the most ancient of beings, “Who am I?”

Consciousness awareness aware of something

Deep mystery consciousness touching the unknown, what can never be revealed

Divine self-existence; not created; presence of God

Enlightenment reality revealed; psychic knowing of absolute truth; indefinable

Invisible room podcast name for the absolute spirit at the core of every human life

Krishna incarnation of God (Vishnu); foundation of much of Indian spirituality; a core presence in this podcast

Lotus-born Brahma term used here to refer to the creation point, where divine intent goes into motion through the creation of forms

Psyche soul; individual piece of existence with a history of incarnations and accumulation of knowledge and wisdom; link to the intent of the divine

Quantum cosmos the spiritual realms traversed by psyches liberated from human existence

Reality the field of pure knowing; spirit; the touching of which by consciousness makes things real

Self “I” by itself, eternal and infinite; or I am with things-to-be-and-do wrapped around it; eternal and infinite

Shores of the unknown where consciousness touches the deep mysteries of existence

Spirit undefined reality; the core condition of human existence; the piece of God in everybody

Tao term from Lao Tzu’s Tao de Ching; refers to life unopposed; grace

Veils the unknown that separates one’s personal experience from reality, truth, God; the elements of creation on many dimensions; the universe of form; how things exist in defined realms through divine application of veils