We can hardly make progress in our desire to awake without having some fundamental understanding of reality as it is structured in our consciousness. Here is a workable model: We exist as unique, individual psyches within a vast cosmos, about which scientists of our time have given us jaw-dropping explanations; we exist also in an inner reality of many planes of existence outside the thinking mind; and indeed behind all veils lies the transcendental absolute, inner and outer. We exist as individuals, we exist as particles of life in the evolving cosmos, and we exist as the divine source of everything. I am that, you are that, all this is that. In this episode, we touch each of these components of our existence. We look at potential futures of humanity and ask a very interesting question for the soul: Mars or Nirvana? Who chooses? What a mystery to explore possible human destinies! Another choice: artificial intelligence or revelation arising out of the higher mind? Beyond that lies the mystery of existence itself. Get involved! The episode concludes with a passage from Sri Aurobindo’s The Synthesis of Yoga. Though it we seek to activate the gifts of higher mind intelligence: intuition, inspiration, and revelation. Join in. Enjoy the ride.

“For there is yet a third intensely close and personal aspect of the Master of Works which is a key to his sublimest hidden mystery and ecstasy; for he detaches from the secret of the hidden Transcendence and the ambiguous display of the cosmic Movement an individual Power of the Divine that can mediate between the two and bridge our passage from the one to the other. In this aspect the transcendent and universal person of the Divine conforms itself to our individualised personality and accepts a personal relation with us, at once identified with us as our supreme Self and yet close and different as our Master, Friend, Lover, Teacher, our Father and our Mother, our Playmate in the great world-game who has disguised himself throughout as friend and enemy, helper and opponent and, in all relations and in all workings that affect us, has led our steps towards our perfection and our release. It is through this more personal manifestation that we are admitted to some possibility of the complete transcendental experience; for in him we meet the One not merely in a liberated calm and peace, not merely with a passive or active submission in our works or through the mystery of union with a universal Knowledge and Power filling and guiding us, but with an ecstasy of divine Love and divine Delight that shoots up beyond silent Witness and active World-Power to some positive divination of a greater beatific secret. For it is not so much knowledge leading to some ineffable Absolute, not so much works lifting us beyond world-process to the originating supreme Knower and Master, but rather this thing most intimate to us, yet at present most obscure, which keeps for us wrapped in its passionate veil the deep and rapturous secret of the transcendent Godhead and some absolute positiveness of its perfect Being, its all-concentrating Bliss, its mystic Ananda.”



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The Invisible Room, your divine Self, is infinitely deep. You and I exist on an infinitesimal wave of its knowing, learning to locate and accept that infinity when it decides that it is time for us to know, one person at a time, through the eons, and hopefully one day the race as a whole. It’s not an easy acknowledgement to make when we have been programmed to see the world through the darkened lens of the rational mind. But here we are.

These four audios were created for deep penetration outside the veils that shelter us from infinity. Our desire to know arises directly out of infinity, and if you want to travel into the deep mystery right off, these instruments will point you in directions you never heard of.

The Sweet Voice of Prayer

Keys for Travel into the Deep Mystery

The Deep Mystery Guided Meditation

Enlightenment and Naught



When Amma hugs you after you have been standing in line for hours and after she has been embracing souls wanting to be nourished by the Mother for 10, 12, 20 hours, there can be little doubt to the pilgrim taking her personal darshan that a godbeing walks among us. Her indefatigable energy is impossible to fathom. Even the most mind-burdened soul will be confronted with facts about her, which anyone can see, which are impossible to explain. Her energy and compassion and love come directly from source, from God, from the divine self, and she does not wear out. What she does is all out in the open. She is the Mother; she is the pure devotee of God; she is a bottomless reservoir of love, wisdom, and absolute truth. Millions have passed through her arms; the entire human race fills her heart, with much room to spare. She has ashrams, hospitals, and orphanages all over the world. She tours the US every summer.

The video below was made by a professional film maker and is of the highest technical and directorial quality. Your heart will open, and you will know. Linger for a minute or two after the video to enjoy the photo gallery.


However we got here, there seems to be no way out of the dilemma of human suffering. Ten thousand years have come and gone since human beings gave up the savannah for the common good. So easy to identify causes and effects of human dismay; priests and politicians offer their own ways out for a little attention. Stand up and shout approval if you believe those options are paving the way to salvation. Who among us feel the pain of the race above the struggle for personal survival and acquisition of wealth? For property and love in their many forms? Yet things unseen are occurring behind the worldly veils and behind the personal veils of our thinking. Look up! Look up! Link your life energy to the planetary life line! Put down the book and spread your wings! Planet earth and beyond! Better than prowling the streets looking for fresh meat in the shadows cast by the street lamps we call civilization.

Read until you know it and it knows you:

“We have to recognise once more that the individual exists not in himself alone but in the collectivity and that individual perfection and liberation are not the whole sense of God’s intention in the world. The free use of our liberty includes also the liberation of others and of mankind; the perfect utility of our perfection is, having realised in ourselves the divine symbol, to reproduce, multiply and ultimately universalise it in others.” –Sri Aurobindo


Michael Garfield’s Music


Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know what brings each person to The Invisible Room Podcast? Is it the title? The image? Somebody’s recommendation? Maybe it’s something else not quite so obvious. Perhaps something rises out of the depths of one’s being that quietly says, “I know what this is.”

If you have many years of spiritual practice behind you, you might already feel waves of the undefined self as you listen to these words. With practice, how easy it is to slip out of the indoctrinated self into the unbounded ocean of being.

If all of this is new to you, here is what I have to say. There is life divine just outside the thinking mind. It is eternal, absolute, and full of grace. For this podcast, I refer to this reality as “the invisible room.” It is where I invite people to come for an experience of life outside the mind. The content of each episode will be different. The reality of the invisible room, however, will be the same. Life outside the mind is real. It is the sole source of salvation, enlightenment, and eternal life beyond the human condition.

Absent widespread access to the spiritual domains outside the thinking mind, there is little hope for humanity to flower. That belief is why I have created this podcast. This is my way to help the world. I invite you to listen 30 minutes once a week as a contribution to world peace.

According to early listeners of the show, one comes out of the experience feeling refreshed, more awake, and more connected to their inner resources. By listening, one creates more free space inside the mind with which to experience the flow of the day.

Possible long term benefits are most marvelous to contemplate: a greater and more prolonged access to one’s divine source and center; a deeper connection to one’s personal life as an evolutionary event; and feeling oneself deeply at home, safe, secure, and a source of boundless love.

When one’s awareness extends outside the mind into the unbounded ocean of being, life flows beautifully. Without grasping at things that are not one’s to own, or pushing aside things that are one’s destiny to experience, life flows like a deep river. Historically, such a life is described as living in grace, or in the east, as living in the Tao, after the ancient Chinese text The Tao de Ching by Lao Tzu. Life without struggle is a way of living that opens many doors into the spiritual beyond, which is the destiny of humankind if enough of us finally understand that ultimately it is life in the Tao or nothing at all.

Michael Garfield’s Music