The Darshan of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Preparing this page for me has been like coming home. I owe to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi more than I can calculate. He opened doors for me that have led to awakenings, realizations, understandings, and many experiences of higher states of consciousness. My personal life came into alignment with what he called “the laws of nature.” Because of Maharishi, I have found my way into the vast unknown; the divine presence that informs my life day to day arises from his grace. Although he is no longer with us, I still feel his presence as a foundation in my thinking and being in the world.

Maharishi not only brought Transcendental Meditation to the world, he also brought out many other avenues of Vedic teachings: Ayurveda, the science of perfect health; Gandharva Veda, the music of nature (see below); Jyotish, the Vedic system of astrology; and Stapatya Veda, the science of perfect architecture and alignment of spaces with nature. After decades of ever more knowledge pouring out of his consciousness, those who are following his movement are awash with products and techniques of many kinds to support the evolution to God-consciousness. My favorite is Gandharva Veda. See the last video. The Maharishi Veda app for phones is available in iTunes and Google Play stores. This app has 24/7 Gandharva music playing plus numerous Vedic chants for maintaining a high vibration in one’s consciousness. A mind saturated with the invisible room will experience nothing but ecstatic joy listening to it.


The videos below contain a spectrum of Maharishi’s consciousness and are representative of different times of his life. The first video is an old recording of Maharishi explaining the Seven States of Consciousness. This clip is only the first part; listeners who want the whole presentation can find their way to the YouTube page by clinking the link beneath the video. The second video is a longer presentation (an hour and a half) but it is well worth a listen. In this lecture, Maharishi explains the process where by the unmanifest reality at the source of thought gives rise to the whole creation. The third video is Maharishi’s heart expanding in love of God and His creation and was recorded toward the end of his life. The fourth video is 45 minutes of Ghandarva Veda music. Put on your headphones and feel the bliss. Oh, don’t forget to scroll through the photo gallery after the videos.

Of course, Maharishi’s darshan resides in none of these words, images, or sounds. These just hold a door open. The real gifts of darshan happen behind the veils, in the invisible room, where real awakening takes place. And, truth be told, the darshan of all the masters on this site are the same. Only their outer forms have relative value. I have no idea who these people are. They are the mystery itself.

The Seven States of Consciousness