dark flower

The deeper we move into the unbounded reality of the awakening heart, something moves us to reach out into the beyond, to step gently out of the world of pain and struggle into an acceptance that the love that arises in the world and into you and me has an absolute source, and when we realize this source, we learn to bow down . . . again and again. In this episode we take that journey inward by removing the veils that darken the world we experience and the lives we live. Innocent love is real; it exists as the deepest mystery of life. We need merely look up from our stories and step out into the unknown.

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Can you imagine your human viewpoint shifting into the viewpoint of a crow? In your world, the world of a tightly fixed human point of view, probably not. Yet this was a lesson given to Carlos Castaneda by his magical being mentor Don Juan. I use this story to stimulate awakenings and realizations by listeners in shifting their limited human personal point of view to the point of view of the infinite, the absolute, the undefined knowing, the original condition and then generating conscious experiences that will move the cosmic intent forward into the unknown. Listen and embrace the opportunity to shed the karmic prison of one lifetime after another in favor of the grand awakening and the eternal inquiry into the mysteries of existence.



Now that I know that God is real, that I am real, and that the world is a cover for the work of the absolute spirit, I can extend my knowing outside the story of my living. My struggle becomes its work; my pain becomes transcendent joy muffled by the density of the outer veils. Accepting it is difficult when everybody else walks around oblivious to the infinite spirit. Let it come, I say. I want more, show me the way to open more doors. Touch my heart with the grace of your perfection.


As we step off the outer veils of consciousness and the binding influence of our personal thinking, we feel the currents of the divine energy emerging out of the deep mystery to claim our movements. These currents are the intent of the divine itself. Navigating these currents is not something we do with our individual wills. Where to go? What to do? Who am I as I approach the creation fount of all that exists, the source of all of that out there and the source of me right here?


An explorer of the mystery of God cannot wear the armor we wear for dealing with life in the outer veils. Fear and doubt accompany us as we pass out of the indoctrinated life into the freedom of inner space, where godbeings, ancient masters, seers and sages have traversed the waves of being for millennia in order to find the absolute spirit, the knowing one, the Lord Himself and beyond the beyond. Your life, my life are not invulnerable. We do not stand with weapons raised on the way to God. Your heart and my heart can only approach in tender awareness; and God can only walk through the world in a human being who knows living and dying, joy and suffering, celebration and despair.

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However we got here, there seems to be no way out of the dilemma of human suffering. Ten thousand years have come and gone since human beings gave up the savannah for the common good. So easy to identify causes and effects of human dismay; priests and politicians offer their own ways out for a little attention. Stand up and shout approval if you believe those options are paving the way to salvation. Who among us feel the pain of the race above the struggle for personal survival and acquisition of wealth? For property and love in their many forms? Yet things unseen are occurring behind the worldly veils and behind the personal veils of our thinking. Look up! Look up! Link your life energy to the planetary life line! Put down the book and spread your wings! Planet earth and beyond! Better than prowling the streets looking for fresh meat in the shadows cast by the street lamps we call civilization.

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Awakening within the absolute spirit as naked awareness on a regular basis leaves us challenged to know what the value of our individual lives are. Most human beings pass through their lives without a clue as to their value in that kind of spiritual context. Those who have practiced deep meditation for extended periods of time are faced with that question daily. On the outer veils of our knowing, which is where collective humanity remains stuck, the world continues without giving us a clue as to what is going on in the depths of our being. Once we step off the outer veils, however, and we acquire familiarity with the inner realms of knowing and experiencing, something of that value gradually becomes apparent. Only through a direct and intimate interaction with the absolute spirit on the shores of the unknown do we realize the true value of our personal existence. This episode may shed light on Jesus’ parable of the talents in Matthew 25: 14-30. Imagine that!

Michael Garfield’s Music